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The TAO of Badass is one of the most popular products on all of Clickbank and the Internet. Of course this makes sense. Lots of people need help getting laid, and this is exactly what this product promises to do.  The first thing you’ll see with the TAO of Badass Attraction System is the introductory video where the program creator, relationship expert Joshua Pellicer, gives you a detailed overview of why and how he created the program.  As you may have guessed, he started off as a loser with the ladies, until one day he had an epiphany that changed the direction of his life forever.

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Josh Discovers The Meaning Of Propinquity

The Video Gives You A Cartoon Overview Of The Program

The Video Gives You A Cartoon Overview Of The Program

Once Josh discovers the meaning of propinquity, he’s well on his way to becoming not only a ladies man, but one who’s able to coach others on how to follow his lead.  Josh learns that psychology is a weapon that can be used to effectively destroy the inhibitions of women! This TAO of Badass review reveals that Josh’s methods are grounded in real science, and they work.

Josh Pellicer goes on to have so much success with women that other guys start begging him to coach them so they can share his triumph. The TAO Of Badass represents the sum of Josh’s life’s work.

Stealth Triggers Speak Directly To Women’s Emotional Brains

The TAO of Badass teaches you the stealth triggers that will have females eating out of the palm of your hand.  You won’t have to fumble around anymore wondering what you’re supposed to do.  You’ll know EXACTLY what to do since you’ve been coached by a real pro.

The good news is that you don’t have to be rich or good looking to put these tips into practice.  This program has been designed for regular guys.  All you need is an open mind and the willingness to learn and you can be well on your way to getting all the sex you deserve.

The TAO Of Badass System Solves The Friend Zone Problem

One of the biggest problems modern guys make lands them in the Friend Zone.  Josh covers this whole subject in great detail.  He explains in The TAO Of Badass that getting a girl through seduction generally involves four distinct phases.  Most guys spend too much time when they first meet a girl establishing rapport.  They neglect the phase of creating attraction.  When they do this they end up being thought of as ‘friends’ by the girl they’re interested in.  Josh Pellicer has dealt with so many men who have experienced this issue that he has created a formula to prevent it from happening.  (Watch the video at the end of this post for more information.)

Josh realized by training men about dating (and solving his own issues) that many of the problems that men face are relatively universal.  In order to complete a TAO Of Badass Review it’s important to actually try these techniques ‘in the field.’  I’m happy to report that I did just that and found the information on escaping from the Friend Zone to be extremely high quality and effective.  I recognized a number of mistakes I was making and I was able to easily correct them.  Once I did I discovered an alternative universe where I was in demand with girls!

Buy The TAO Of Badass Today

Buy The TAO Of Badass Today

The TAO Of Badass Review – This Unique Material Can Take Your ‘Game’ To The Next Level

Find out why handsome guys hate Josh!

Find out why handsome guys hate Josh!

There are tons of bonuses included in this offer, including ongoing training that’s designed to help you take your pick up game to the proverbial ‘next level.’

Like any pickup product, much of what happens is up to you.  If you don’t use the techniques outlined in this program, then obviously you don’t stand a chance at having success with the program.  If you’re willing to learn and work, then the sky is literally the limit.  Of course The TAO of Badass is not a scam. It teaches you all you need to know to find and woo willing women. No matter what your current skill level with seduction, the training material in the Tao System can help you learn the nuts and bolts of dealing with girls.  For beginners, this program is a literal gold mine of information. Learn how to approach girls, and how to seal the deal once you have their interest.

New students will learn about gender roles and how the play a part in seduction.  Many modern men are confused by the issue of their gender roles because they were raised by women.  Without a strong male role model, they haven’t learned traditional male gender roles that would help them get more girls. Pellicer understands this modern phenomena better than most and spends ample time teaching the intricacies of how paying careful attention to gender roles will help a pickup artists get more girls.

Guys who don’t play their gender role correctly end up with a case of ‘gender reversal’ which dooms their seduction efforts to failure.  Students of the Tao of Badass will be able to avoid that fate every time.  Knowledge really is power, especially when it’s powerful knowledge like this.

So Is It Real?

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of psychology is involved in human relationships.  No one can argue this point. In fact, psychology is the study of human behavior.  If this practice didn’t work, the industry wouldn’t employ approximately 93,000 people in the U.S alone!  It’s safe to say that understanding why certain people act a certain way gives you a leg up when it comes to the dynamics of relationships.  So yes, the TAO of Badass is real, because psychology is real.

What About The TAO Of Badass Scam?

When people hear about a unique dating system like this many of them ask questions like “Is TAO Of Badass A Scam?”  As someone who has purchased and used the material successfully I’m fully qualified to answer that question.  Most assuredly, The TAO Of Badass System by Josh Pellicer is NOT a scam. This amazing product is sold through ClickBank.  If you’re not familiar with this company they are the world’s largest supplier of digital goods.  They’ve elevated themselves to that status by offering attentive customer service and a liberal refund policy that ensures customers are never scammed.  With a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and training from one of the world’s foremost men’s dating experts you simply cannot lose by purchasing TAO Of Badass.  The PDF manual and the access to the membership area are worth their weight in gold – especially for guys who have been struggling with their love lives.

Paying a few bucks to get information that helps you get more girlfriends or even the one true love of your life is priceless!

I can personally vouch for the information contained in the Tao of Badass.  It really helped me overcome an issue I was having with my approaches.  Once I did it paved the way for more hookups than I imagined. The same can happen for you.

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Perfect For Guys Who Are Tired Of Life In The Friend Zone

Guys don’t end up in the Friend Zone by mistake.  In fact, there’s a reason it happens every time.  Josh Pellicer focuses on three important stages of seduction that help his students understand where they’re at any time during their relationships.  Guys who spend too much time building Rapport and not enough time creating Attraction end up in the Friend Zone.  Students of the Tao of Badass Attraction System learn how to stop that from ever happening.

Discover the techniques that you can use to escalate your relationships to the seduction phase every time.  The whole purpose of any type of self help program is to learn a skill that can help you in your day to day life.  Tao of Badass will arm you with a toolkit for dating in the modern world.  Once you have mastered the lessons of the Tao, you will never be alone again. Check out this detailed Tao Of Badass for 5 case studies of successful students.

Did you know that guys don’t do one important thing with most females, and that’s why they get relegated instantly and forever to the dreaded ‘friend zone?’ Imagine having the knowledge to make sure that never happens to you again!  That’s the type of tip that the TAO of Badass will reveal to you, so you aren’t just another dude who is only thought of as a trusted friend, much like a loyal dog.

Check it out through this special link and get a bonus offer which will blow your mind! Grab your copy of ‘Escaping the Friend Zone‘ by posting your email to the sidebar on the right. (It’s free and could prove valuable).  Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

Even More…

It’s disappointing how many guys out there think that somehow Tao of Badass is a scam.

It shows us a lot about the world we live in that people automatically think a system that’s been designed to get more women flat out won’t work. Despite not agreeing with them, I can certainly understand where they’re coming from.

There’s a lot of BS out there, especially about seduction, so it makes sense to be cautious. I’m here to tell you to forget your fears.

The Tao of Badass Attraction System that is a must-have for any guy that’s serious about attracting more women into his life. Even if you think of yourself as an introvert, a proverbial ‘wingman’ knowing the skills to get more girls can change all of that in a heartbeat.

It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your life – a first time dater, a man re-entering the dating game after time away or just a guy that likes being surrounded by gorgeous women. The training you’ll get can help you stand out as a desired man every time.

This review covers all of the main points that you have to know about The Tao of Badass so  you can make an informed decision about whether you should purchase it or not (you should!)

Improve Your Game!

Improve Your Game!

The Tao of Badass Attraction System stands out because it delves into numerous areas where you can ‘improve your game.’

Josh Pellicer, the author of the program, stated that his mind works in a mysterious way that helps him understand behavioral patterns. These patterns help him present the Attraction System in a way that other men’s dating experts fail to accomplish.

In his years of observation, he’s found several repetitive patterns in relationships, starting with the seduction phase. This early part of a relationship is probably the most important time to set the pace of your relationship.

It’s worth mentioning that the art of seduction follows a relatively predictable pattern.

Pellicer outlines all of the stages in his guide, but I’ll cover the basics.

Relationships that have a chance of turning sexual start off in the attraction phase, before moving on to the rapport stage and then seduction.

Men that know the secrets that Tao of Badass reveals are always aware of where they are in each of these stages, so they can make adjustments to their game.

Guys that don’t know how these phases work with women tend to focus loads of attention on the rapport stage, which is typically lead to being put in the ‘Friend Zone.’ Great for guys that want a female pal, not so great for dudes that want the relationship to go further.

The Tao of Badass covers this subject in depth so you can easily recognize where you currently stand with a woman. It teaches everything you need to know to successfully take a relationship from zero to one hundred at a fast pace.

Using the knowledge taught, I learned what I needed to do whenever I approached a woman that I found attractive. This one simple change resulted in a lot more successful approaches.

I found that after I approached one woman successfully, my confidence increased and my fears of rejection started falling away. The courage that I lacked was replaced with certainty that the ladies couldn’t resist me. Let me tell you – what a feeling that is!

Case Studies

Since I have your attention, let me spend a few moments covering a few case studies that illustrate how effective the Tao of Badass Attraction System can be when used correctly.

These studies involve people that I know that are all as different from each other as night and day.

Let’s start with Todd, the good looking house painter who had a habit of creating enemies out of his would-be hookups.

Case Study #1: Todd, age 25 – struggles with Rapport

Background: house painter, part time musician.
Todd Had A Problem With Negative Rapport

Todd Had A Problem With Negative Rapport

Todd Had A Problem With Negative Rapport

Another case in point is my friend Todd. Todd started studying the material in Tao of Badass around the same time I did.

Todd is a good looking guy who gets approached by women constantly. He’s never had a problem in the Attraction phase.

Problem is many of the women that approach him  get ‘turned off‘ by the way Todd acts. As it turns out this is pretty common, depending on the exact language you use. It was nothing that Todd was doing consciously that turned the girl off to him. As soon as he recognized this behavior playing itself out repeatedly, he used the Tao program to modify his behavior. Todd learned that when he screwed up the rapport phase he ended up creating an ‘enemy‘ out of the girl he could have had. Using these finer points he improved his banter and started scoring digits regularly.  He’s never been ‘luckier’ than he is right now.

Conclusion: The Tao of Badass helped Todd overcome negative Rapport due to poor bantering skills. Once Todd realized where he was going wrong he was armed with the know how on how to fix it. After this, all bets were off. It’s not unusual for him to hook up almost every weekend he goes out. For guys who don’t understand banter, The Tao of Badass Attraction System is a key to new found success with the ladies.

Case Study #2: Christopher, age 29 – tired of chasing girls he yearns to be chased himself

Chris Was Tired Of Chasing Girls

Chris Was Tired Of Chasing Girls

Background: college-educated IT specialist with excellent social skills but growing weary of missed connections and chasing after girls.
Chris Was Tired Of Chasing Girls

In many ways, Christopher has all the earmarks of a world-class pickup artist. His results, though, always seemed to be mixed.

Christopher  has the proper mindset to get lots of women and  and he’s extremely social. Some people even refer to him as the ‘life of the party.’

Despite his easy going character and his entertaining personality,  his fearlessness in approaching girls and persistent attempts to get them, he still manages to strike out with them. Deep down he doubted himself because no girl ever took him seriously. It’s no surprise that the Tao of Badass worked for him. He almost had everything right, but not quite. He quickly learned about how ‘qualifying’ could help him with his dating game.

It goes without saying this had a profound impact on his dating game. Chris found that he was always so busy qualifying himself that he literally ran after girls to get their attention. When he learned that the qualifying process should be directed at the girls he wanted to date, his luck changed.

The fickle fortune of fate started favoring Christopher and his newly acquired skills.

Tao of Badass covers the concepts of qualifying in depth, but a brief summary is worth mentioning. Every interaction with a female you can either qualify yourself or them. If you qualify yourself you’ll find resistance. That’s because qualifying yourself is a lot like ‘selling yourself.‘

If you go overboard and appear to be desperate, she’ll question your motive and dismiss you as a love interest. If you turn the table and qualify her, the opposite happens. She feels compelled to chase you instead. Turning this switch on allowed Chris to hold the cards and deal them to his advantage – and his delight!

Conclusion: Christopher is a MAJOR fan of  the Tao of Badass Attraction System and it worked for him. He learned exactly what he needed to do to change his approach and he fixed it. Instead of finding himself pining away for women, the women chase him incessantly. Touche bro!

Case Study #3: Jeff, Age, 31 – he is having troubles approaching girls at the club

Jeff Is A Party Animal Who Needed Help With His Approach

Jeff Is A Party Animal Who Needed Help With His Approach

Background: full time factory worker, part-time party animal. Jeff loves going out but not coming home alone.
Jeff Is A Party Animal Who Needed Help With His Approach

My acquaintance Jeff goes out to clubs and bars a lot more than anyone I know. He’s always chatting up girls, but he never gets to first base with them. If Tao of Badass could teach Jeff how to successfully approach more girls, he’s bound to find a few new lovers. I had an email correspondence with Jeff and ended up riding along with him on the night where he planned to implement some Tao of Badass training into his pickup routine. Unfortunately for Jeff – and me – he forgot the reason we went out and got too drunk to care about the dating part. He forgot a most of what he was supposed to do and the girls he approached were turned off by him being so drunk.

I honestly think he might have pulled off a pickup if he maintained his composure.

To make matters worse, he ran into a guy he didn’t like. After a brief exchange of words with him he stormed off looking to engage with him further. This diversion caused him to stop talking to the hottie he was actually doing well with.

At that point, I had to rate Jeff’s experience with The Tao of Badass as ‘inconclusive.’ It’s worth pointing out that you have to work the system for the knowledge to work. You have to show up coherent, sober and put in the work to get results. Jeff did not do that.

Conclusion: The Tao of Badass should work for Jeff, but the night I observed him he was off. I rate this case study as ‘inconclusive’ because I think Jeff has it in him to be a great pickup artist – when he’s sober and in rare form.

Case Study: #4: Ted, Age, 47 – he’s having a tough time putting himself out there after a divorce

Ted Needed Help With His Approach

Ted Needed Help With His Approach

Background: Ted has four kids and works for a media company. He has been divorced twice, his most recent almost left him scarred for life.
Ted Needed Help With Approaching Women

Ted knew he had to get back into the dating scene, but after his recent experience with a nasty divorce, he felt a bit jaded about getting involved with women again. Sometimes his strong emotions interfered with his ability to approach ladies and start and carry on an interesting conversation. He often fumbled over his opening lines and wasn’t skilled at bantering. He also found that the modern dating scene had changed quite a bit in the 12 years he was married.

He felt ‘out of it’ and struggled to score with women when he finally got back into the swing of things. A quick study of the Tao helped him brush up on techniques that he didn’t even know existed. One thing that helped him was learning about the true importance of a ‘content-less conversation.’

Ted is a mature gentleman and real pro at his job. He has a good eye for details. He knows that the everything is in the details, so he was excited to learn modern seduction techniques. He found the results to be even more exciting. He delved into the subject and spent a lot of time analyzing his own body language and appearance.

Ted took it so seriously that he even spent time practicing his approach and recording it so we could watch it and analyze how he could improve. Ted practiced until he was nearly perfect and he and I went out one night to put his knowledge to practical use.

I’m not joking when I say that Ted was fired up when we went out. He immediately approached a real hottie who was about half his age. Because he worked on his mindset, preparation, and execution, he impressed the heck out of her and left the venue with her after 40 minutes.

Based on what I saw, my conclusion is that Ted gets an A+ for effort and is an awesome example of the success that The Tao of Badass helps create for its student.

Conclusion: Ted has a strong work ethic and didn’t question the training or himself. His 180-degree about face with women can be replicated by anyone with the same personality and drive. Always remember that it’s never too late to learn the art of seduction if you’re so inclined.

Case Study: #5: Hannah, Age, 23 – In college she had plenty of girls, but she’s struggling after the transition to the working world

Hannah Had A Breakthrough Because Of The Tao System

Hannah Had A Breakthrough Because Of The Tao System

Background: Hannah is a recent college grad who now works in the hotel industry. In college she never missed an opportunity to have a good time with other girls. Since leaving college and taking a grown up job her love life has taken a back seat.
Hannah Had A Breakthrough Because Of The Tao System

Hannah is an interesting case study for me because, well, she’s a she!

I always wondered how female pickup artists would do with this material and my relationship with her has given me an insight into that very subject. Like most college kids – both male and female – Hannah always got her share of girls in college, but after entering the adult world she found dating to be more of a challenge.

When she went out, she did okay on her approaches but had a harder time qualifying girls, much to the detriment of her overall game.

After perusing the material in the Tao Of Badass Attraction System one thing that Josh Pellicer stressed in The Tao was her bane. She realized that when she was qualifying.

She never left a ‘backdoor’ or ‘verbal out’ as an escape hatch. She would trap herself in the corner during the qualification phase after the approach, which led to her undoing.

This simple tip from Pellicer, to leave a way out, made all the difference for Hannah.

She started adding statements like ‘I just had a feeling about this, but I could be wrong’ to her conversation so that if the other girl balked, she could chalk it off as unimportant and move on.

Prior to the study of the Tao of Badass she believed that girls would either ‘love her or hate her.’

She tried to make a strong impression on them, which helped elevate her game. The thing is, these girls were much more relaxed in a college party atmosphere that then women Hannah was approaching in the ‘real world.’

Conversations were more nuanced, and her approaches fell flat. Once she made this simple adjustment to the qualification process things turned around. After a number of hookups she found the girl that made her heart go pitter-patter and they’ve been together ever since. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Conclusion: Hannah turned her luck around quickly after she sought the advice of Josh’s program. She even told me that for a moment it even felt like she was back in college with all the ease she was having meeting women. Pretty phenomenal stuff, really.

About The Tao Of Badass Scam Or Fraud Claims

The issue of The Tao System of Attraction being called a fraud or a scam comes up every now and again.

Guys with low self esteem have a bad habit of assuming that ‘nothing works‘ when it comes to getting more girls. They hold these beliefs despite the fact that there are tons of examples of successful students of The Tao of Badass, including me.

Numerous reviews prove the system works. Even more importantly, The Tao of Badass is sold through ClickBank – the world’s largest marketplace for digital goods. For people who aren’t familiar with that company, understand they maintain a 60 day money back guarantee just like The Tao does. In other words, anyone who is thinks The TAO of Badass is a scam can get their money back. That right there prevents the possibility of the Tao being a scam. Furthermore, the Tao has been proven time and again to work for people who are motivated to embrace its teachings. Pellicer has built a strong following simply because he’s able to relate concepts that can be complicated to a broad audience.
If you’re struggling with getting more girls, you owe it to yourself to try the Tao of Badass. Life without a significant other, or even without casual encounters, can be tough to live. It’s not your fault you haven’t yet developed the skills needed to land a girl. But it is your responsibility to fix the situation.

Buy The TAO Of Badass Today

Buy The TAO Of Badass Today

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