Text Message Seduction – How To Seduce A Woman Through Text

Seduction through text is a growing phenomenon as today’s mobile pickup artists use widely available technology to reduce their seduction workloads while increasing their sexual conquest batting averages.

Text Message Seduction - How To Seduce A Woman Through Text

Text Message Seduction – How To Seduce A Woman Through Text

Most guys – even ones who spend long hours every day on their various mobile devices – have no clue when it comes to how to seduce a woman using text messages.

That’s because they misunderstand a fundamental difference between men and females.  It’s not surprising – hardly anyone ever thinks about one huge difference between men and women that are of utmost importance. Failure to understand this difference causes more disappointment for would-be seducers than any other reasons.

Men are almost entirely visual creatures.  Show them a picture of a stack of delicious bacon – or of a large-breasted scantily clad woman – and you’ll quickly become sure of that fact.

Women – on the other hand – are mostly influenced by ‘words.’

Do you understand now how to control men and females?  With men, pictures do the trick.  With the ladies, well-placed words work wonders.  When you fully grasp the enormous wisdom I have just revealed – you will finally be well on your way along the road to a successful seduction.

Successful Text Message Seduction Uses Words As Tools To Unlock The Desires Of Women

Text messaging is an attractive environment for women.  Text seducers are operating these days unknown to most.  These guys are keeping the information to themselves – mainly because these tactics work perfectly. Women are treating a lot of what they hear in chat rooms or text messages as ‘fantasy.’ This approach is perfect for a text seducer – because it allows him to cast himself in the light of one of her fantasies.

Turn Her On With Text Messaging

It’s a lot easier to hook up with her when you know what she wants in a man.  What many women want is a romantic fantasy ideal of what men ‘should‘ be like. Using text seduction secrets men who understand the primal desires of women score more often than the average guy who doesn’t have a clue!

You get the upper hand when you finally figure out that women cherish romantic ideas of men.  They love the strong, but totally in love Knight who is always there to rescue them.  Some of these primal desires are hard-wired into women for their biological survival.  And baby, one thing text seducers never do is ignore biology!

There’s no point fighting these deep-seated desires. In fact – you can play along with them – to make your seduction job that much easier. One of the biggest advantages to text message seduction is that it’s a method that’s perfect for lazy guys. I personally don’t want to have to any more work than I need to when it comes to scoring a hookup. I gleefully take any shortcuts I can.

Text messages help you bypass a woman’s natural ‘B.S. filter‘ so you can speak directly to her romantic heart.  This is the preferred mode of communication used by pickup artists all the way back to Casanova’s days.  Men who speak only to the ‘left brain‘ of women end up being shot down all the time – because rational appeals never work when you’re dealing with the realm of the Heart.

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Slick Text Messages Help Separate You From The Masses

Winning over a woman means defeating the competition.  Any hot girl out there is going to have lots of dudes hanging around – looking for their shot at her.  Guys who know how to stand out from the rest of the crowd are the ones who get all the action. The boring guys with no personality get to retire to the restroom – to pleasure themselves!  Which guy would you rather be?

Text messaging gives you the perfect opportunity to shine.

Curiosity is the fuel that ignites passion.  Curious women want to learn everything they can about you. That’s why you’re best move is to feed them bits and pieces through text messages.  Never make the mistake of boring them.  These girls are used to life in an information-rich environment.  They’re being distracted all day by mundane messages.

Your messages have to bring a bit of pizzazz and a whole lot of attitude!  That way she looks forward to getting more messages from you – and more importantly, to meeting up with you to explore interests!

Curiosity begets attraction – which leads to hot hookups!  You have to make the women attracted to you, or you will fail as a seducer.  That’s why so many seduction pros ‘act a little strange.’  It helps them to stand out and be memorable.  For guys who talk to women all the time, this helps them a lot when they follow up.

All the major pickup pros use text messaging seduction whenever they can.  Who can blame them?  If you’re trying to juggle lots of women – text messaging is the preferred method.  While you’re in there messaging these women – you might as well lay it on thick and do your best to flirt with them and to seduce them.

If you’re like most guys – you need to learn the rules for quick text message seduction.  Once you know them – you can begin to use every tool at your disposal to get more women.

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