Josh Pellicer Is A Radio Personality

Josh Pellicer Is A Radio Personality

Joshua Pellicer is the creator of The Tao of Badass Attraction system.  This page is devoted to the latest information about this relationship expert.

Born: 9/21/1982.

Summary: Pellicer was attracted to learning about relationships simply because he had trouble getting girls for much of his early life. Not one to take ‘no‘ for an answer, he set out on a path to discover the so-called ‘secrets’ that separated ‘ladies men’ from those who struggled to even get a date. When he finally discovered the reason, he was completed shocked. His discovery – he learned – could be replicated by anyone, regardless of the age, looks, or previous skills with women.

Pellicer has been thrust into the limelight in the last few years because of the story of his own success with women and for his willingness to help guys get what they want out of their dating life. Pellicer struggled with women in his early days. He attributed the issue to the fact that he had no male role model to teach him what he should say around girls.  There are many homes these days where there is no male playing an active role in developing their children.  When nuclear families were common, it was generally the father who would teach his son how ‘to act like a man.’

Josh Pellicer realized the number of guys out there who literally don’t know how to act is immense.

Josh Gets Dumped And Learns About The Psychology Of Dating

One of the reasons people like Joshua Pellicer is because they can easily relate to to him. He isn’t a man who is gifted with tons of natural assets that turn him into a seducer.  He is no ‘natural‘ at all.  In fact, he had to learn every skill he eventually acquired about seduction all by himself. Doing that may have been extremely difficult, but it also gave Josh a unique perspective and insight into a very common dating problem. His own dating life was not doing well when he first began his quest.  His girlfriend – who he thought at the time was somehow above his station – was treating him extremely poorly.  He realized that he was facing a lifetime of this kind of humiliation unless he learned to turn the tables on females.

It wasn’t easy for him to do it, but Josh spent a lot of time learning about the psychology of relationships. When he delved into the subject, he was amazed at what he learned. He understood that he had been making a lot of fundamental mistakes in his own relationship. Not only that, but he also began to see the patterns that transpired behind the scenes. People behave a certain way, he learned, and certain results followed. Once he started employing his techniques with girls he met, he couldn’t believe the results he was having. Suddenly he had no problems hooking up with girls who were much hotter than he was used to! He literally couldn’t believe the difference. At that point, he started teaching others how to do the same thing.

Josh Pellicer Took His Act To Satellite Radio

Those people also had incredible results. Thus his career as a relationship expert was launched.

Pellicer and a former partner created a school called ‘The Art of Charm.’ Check out the following video that gives you a glimpse into his philosophy.

Pellicer hosted a Sirius Satellite Radio also called ‘The Art of Charm‘ that delved into the tactics that men could use to get more women. The more he worked with men, the more he realized that many of them made the same fundamental mistakes when dealing with women. He felt if he could correct their mistakes, he would be able to help them become much more proficient in their approach. His clients were satisfied and they recommended more people to use his service.

Before long he began to realize that he could help many more people by creating a unified system that could be accessed via the Internet. ‘The Tao of Badass Attraction System‘ was born.

Josh Pellicer Is An Attraction Expert

Josh Pellicer Is An Attraction Expert

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