If you’re a ‘regular guy‘ you probably don’t think of yourself as a seduction expert or pickup artist. You just love going out on dates with beautiful women.  If you aren’t ready to settle down, you may even enjoy playing the field.  Well, the truth is, whether you think so or not you’re already using many techniques that pickup artists practice. This isn’t a bad thing, either. There are some important lessons that regular guys can learn from pickup artists.

Pickup Artists Focus On More Than Just Words

The next time you try to seduce anyone, don’t do it with talk, with words. Women know more about words than men ever will. And they know how little they can ever possibly mean.

― William Faulkner

Pickup artists know that seducing women is an act that takes more than just words. You won’t be able to just ‘talk your way‘ into bed with most women. As Faulkner stated, women are more up to speed on the power of words than the average man is. Picking up or seducing women takes action. Sure, you’ll still have to be able to communicate. But it’s also the things you don’t say that will win you the prize your desire.

What you wear and what you do are equally important for the art of seduction. How you walk and talk are just as key as what you’re actually saying. Pickup artists have learned many tactics that help increase their chances of hooking up. You don’t need to follow all of them blindly, but some of what they do can be used by guys who are willing to try to improve their dating game.

Pickup Artists Aren’t Afraid To Put Themselves Out There

6 Important Lessons That Regular Guys Can Learn From Pickup Artists

Say what you will about the modern pickup artist, but you simply can’t claim they’re afraid of criticism. These guys put themselves out there for better or worse. When all is said and done, if pickup artists get more women than average guys it’s for this reason alone. They constantly try. They go where women are at and they strike up conversations with them. They get rejected MORE than the average person. But they also get more dates.

The average guy is too afraid of being rejected. This fear stops him from talking to the women he really wants. If the problem is acute enough, he may go years without a date or a hookup. The pickup artist learns to deal with the negatives. Sure, some people will criticize his lifestyle. Certainly some women will not respond positively to his advances. But overall, on balance, he gets more from his efforts than he would if he weren’t trying so hard. That’s a hugely important lesson for regular guys.

If you let fear rule your dating life you’re missing out on many opportunities.

Pickup Artists Study Women And What They Want

If there’s on obvious lesson a pickup artist can teach a regular guy it’s to study women. You probably don’t know a damn thing about women. Most men don’t have a clue and the subject is not taught in school. Unless you step outside of your comfort zone and make a real study of women and their desires, you’re likely wrong about what you think they want. This simple lack of understanding is most likely the main reason you aren’t getting the women you want. You need to understand their desires so you can motivate them to want to spend time with you.

It’s really as simple as that. Without proper motivation a woman won’t waste her time and energy on you.

Pickup Artists Know There Are A Lot Of Women Out There

As of 2012 there are least 3.4 billion women in the world, according to several sources. Even more interesting is there are six million more women than men! Pickup artists are aware that there is no shortage of females. They approach the subject of seduction from a perspective of abundance. Average guys often spend time pining away about that ‘one girl‘ they can’t get.

If you spend your time obsessing over one girl, no matter how great she may be, you’re missing out on 3.4 billion other women who could probably make you even happier!

Maybe it’s time to be flexible and try having relationships with women other than your ‘dream girl.’ Maybe you won’t achieve your ‘dream.‘ But your reality will sure be a lot less lonely!

Pickup Artists Aren’t Afraid To Touch

Handsome Guys Hate Him

In our modern culture, many of us have been taught to never touch strangers.  Although this obvious advice is almost always sound, when it comes to seduction this creates a hurdle that’s hard to overcome.  Pickup artists know that crossing the ‘touch gap‘ is the first and most important step on the road to something more meaningful.

Of course you have to be careful not to overdo this.  If the girl doesn’t respond to light touching, then you certainly won’t gain anything by going further.  There’s no better way to gauge her interest then by exploratory touches.  If you’re nervous about this, keep it simple.  One ‘trick‘ that pickup artists use it to ask the girl to see her ring or bracelet.  You can easily grab her hand and admire the item.  Voila! You have bridged the touch gap.  Simple techniques are most often effective. Average guys tend to remain ignorant of even the easiest to use tricks, to their own detriment.

The key is to make the touching natural and not manipulative or ‘creepy.’  Maybe you should practice on your sister first to get a feel for the right way.  I’m just kidding! I’m sure you get the idea. Regular guys need to get in the habit of touching just like their pickup artist counterparts do.

Even Pickup Artists Know When To Quit

Would you be surprised to learn that pickup artists retire from the dating scene just like regular guys?  You shouldn’t be.  Just like anyone else, some pickup artists either get tired of ‘the game‘ or find that one special woman they want to spend the rest of their life with.  Women are formidable opponents in the battle of the sexes.  Even men who have had more than their fair share of casual encounters generally fall for one special women who makes them feel complete.

Regular guys need to learn when they’ve met the right woman too.  Sometimes it’s not completely obvious. When your casual hookups no longer bring you the joy they once did, your time may be dawning. When you find yourself thinking of only one special person you are probably near your dating retirement. Always keep your mind open to the possibility of a long term relationship, even if the prospect scares you.

Not all traits of pickup artists are admirable. Still, regular guys can learn many productive tricks by following those brave men who put themselves on the front lines of the battle of the sexes each and every day. They may lose more than they win, but when they win, they win big and secure a prize that is coveted by all men!

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