How To Seduce A Married Woman

Despite the obvious dangers, some men set out to learn how to seduce a married woman. Usually they have their eyes on a particular woman, who happens to be married.

Sometimes guys are just looking for a random hookup with a woman that happens naturally.

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Types Of Seducers

Seducing Married Women

Seducing Married Women

Seducers can be anyone really, but married men and guys that know seduction secrets aren’t looking for a serious relationships are obvious contenders.

Married men might choose to seduce a married woman because both she and he stand to lose the same thing in the event that the seduction goes bad.

Seduce A Married Woman

Most married men really aren’t looking to get divorced from their wife. And many married women might not be interested in leaving their husband either.

By seducing a married woman, this makes for a convenient arrangement.

If both parties want to protect their respective marriages, they keep it secret. It also reduces the risk of late night phone calls that can make their spouse suspicious.

Other types of seducers include men that want a ‘no strings attached’ type of relationship.

A lot of men that want to seduce married women feel this arrangement is better for them.

Because the woman is already married, she’s less likely to pressure him about taking the relationship to the ‘next level.’ He’s happier knowing that the relationship can never progress.

The very nature of seducing a married woman is a conquest for both married and single men. It shows they can get women that are already spoken for.

It also gives a small amount of security in the fact the woman probably won’t become a stalker. She might have too much to lose.

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Seduction Of A Married Woman

Seduction Of A Married Woman

How To Seduce A Married Woman

To be a successful seducer of married women, know that you’re likely to face some resistance. But there’s still the law of numbers and a percentage of women will be open to your seduction.

Before becoming a ‘serial seducer’ you’ll need to figure out what woman is receptive to the idea of being seduced by you.

Women haven’t been trained to come right out and tell men they want to have an affair. You need to be able to read a woman’s body language to determine whether she’s open to your seduction.

Warm her up to your seduction by lightly touching her hand, arm or shoulder. Don’t be too grabby, just a touch will do.

Sincere compliments can go a long way as a seducer.

Women love to be given positive feedback, so telling her that her hair looks gorgeous or that she looks phenomenal in her dress is a definite gateway to her accepting your advances.

Another idea you might try is putting a hand up to your eye (like you’re protecting your eyes from the sun) as she approaches you. When she asks what you did that for, tell her that you were nearly blinded by her brilliant smile. Women – both married and single – love this seduction method.

These kinds of things help boost her ego and make you more attractive to her.

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Handsome Guys Hate Him!

Handsome Guys Hate Him!

Setting The Stage For Seduction

Set, setting and a woman’s mindset have a lot to do with her willingness to be seduced and have a fling.

In the right situation, you can easily seduce a married woman in a moment of weakness.

If she’s feeling neglected at home – either emotionally or physically – a married woman could seek the advice and comfort of another man.

This is one of the reasons that workplace flings are so common place.

Women often discuss their personal issues with co-workers.

A male co-worker that’s willing to lend a helping ear and show he cares, has a much better chance of seducing this woman.

If they participate in other group activities outside of work – for instance grabbing a couple beers with ‘the gang’ on Thursday night – there’s even more opportunity for seduction.

Other situations that could be ripe to seduce a married woman include times when she’s away from her normal workaday world.

This could include occasions such as having to attend a trade conference, business events or times when she’s traveling.

When women are outside of their ‘element’ having a good time, meeting new people and networking, they leave their troubles behind to some degree. Some women even leave their wedding ring at the door.

If you’re willing to show her a good time and she’s receptive to you, half of the seduction is already done because her mind isn’t focused on her husband and family for that moment. If she’s ready to just go with the flow, things could heat up quickly.

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Time Is Of The Essence

In seduction, time is of the essence and it largely depends on your situation.

The Time For Seduction Is Now

The Time For Seduction Is Now

If you’re trying to seduce a married woman at your office, you have a broader time horizon in which to do it. You can talk to her every day, make her laugh and listen to her. As you get to know her more, you’ll know exactly when it’s time to make a big move. (It’s not recommended that you do this at the office.)

In a club or bar situation, you;ll need to move a lot quicker. When women are out having a good time they’re more likely to want to have more fun. Approaching them when they’re already having a good time bodes well for you. They’ll want to keep partying – with you! Don’t let this type of moment slip.

In other words, there is no tomorrow for this seduction opportunity. You can never make ‘last night’ happen again.

Use your time and seduction skills wisely!

As you can see, seducing a married woman isn’t as difficult as you might think it would be. You just have to be on the lookout for opportunities, know how to read her body language and then take the steps to get to the next level. With some practice, you should have no problems! Well unless her husband finds out, but that story is for another day.


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