How To Get Girls To Like You The Proven Way

Almost every guy on earth can benefit from more information on how to get a girl to like them.  This subject is not taught in schools and scarcely comes up as a topic in most social circles. Guys who get girls all the time have little incentive to share their secrets with other guys.

That would simply increase the competition!  Perhaps more telling, even most of the guys who get girls all the time are clueless on exactly why it happens.  They’ve managed to create a success system with the opposite sex but that doesn’t mean they know how to ‘bottle it‘ for consumption by others.

If you want more girls than you’re currently getting you’ll need to spend some time studying the subject.  Let’s start with the basics in this article.

First you have to accept the fact that ‘regular’ guys get girls all the time.  The biggest mistake guys who don’t get girls make is assuming that they can’t because they don’t fit into the following categories:

  • Rich guys.
  • Good looking dudes.
  • Well-built studs who are in great shape.
  • Charming entertainers.
  • Athletically gifted hunks.
  • Well-known celebrities.

Sure, any of these innate gifts will help a guy get girls.  Anyone who can check off three or more of those attributes is likely to do well with the ladies.  However, there are plenty of guys who have NONE of these characteristics who also do extremely well!  Get it out of your head that you can’t do it and you’ll be on the road to getting what you want.

Step 1 – How To Get A Girl To Like You – Improve Your Confidence And Attitude

It’s as simple as that.  You MUST improve your attitude if you plan on getting any girls.  You cannot accept the fact that getting girls is ‘for other guys.’  If you adopt a defeatist attitude you WILL be defeated.  This point cannot be stressed enough.  There is at least one girl for every guy on Earth if not many, many more.  Even those rich good looking athletic guys cannot land all the available women. With over 3.5 billion women on the planet you have to get over a scarcity mindset when it comes to dating and hooking up.

Once you know you are not doomed to being single and that you deserve a great girl (or two) your mindset changes rapidly. Make this change as quickly as you can so you can get over the type of poor results you’ve been having with the opposite sex.

Step 2 – Master The Basic Math Of Girl-Getting – Obey The Law Of Numbers

Master The Basic Math Of Girl-Getting – Obey The Law Of Numbers

Like any other human endeavors girl-getting can be measured.  The guys who get the largest quantity of girls tend to be the men who:

  • Go out the most to popular spots.
  • Are most willing to initiate conversations.
  • Have large social circles (that include men and women.)

Based on the number of encounters they have with the opposite sex they end up getting girls at a pace that seems really impressive to someone who is not taking the same action.

In reality these so-called ‘pick up‘ artists you’re looking up to might still have a relatively low overall ‘batting average.’  I doubt they care though.  These guys understand that hooking up is a number’s game.  Sure there is a bit of Art and Science to seduction.  All that goes out the window when a ‘natural hustler’ is placed in a situation where he can just talk to as many women as possible.  If he keeps going he’ll eventually find one who is receptive to his advances.

For a guy who isn’t getting any girls and wants to the time has come to take action.  You will need to become more social and you’ll need to pick up at least the basic elements of ‘game‘ that others guys either acquired through training or possessed naturally.  If you’re willing to take those steps there’s no question your ‘batting average‘ will rise substantially, regardless of what other qualities you currently possess.

What math formula will you be following?

X number of women you talk to + the game you bring = Y number of hookups!

That’s the science of getting more girls right there.  The more girls you talk to the higher your chances of going on a date, hooking up, or initiating a long-term relationship.  If you stay at home playing ‘Call of Duty’ seven nights a week your chances of finding ‘the one‘ or even ‘any one‘ go down proportionately.

Now that you know this formula you can stop looking up to guys who are getting more than you as some sort of super heroes.  To put it simply they are just better positioned than you to close the deal more often.  That is because they have taken action and they maintain a positive attitude about their chances regardless of how many times they suffer from rejection.

Step 3 – How To Get Girls To Like You – Think Like A Girl Yourself!

If you want to get girls you have to stop thinking like a dude.  Men and women DO NOT think the same. Men are from Mars and Women really are from Venus. You’re approaching life through a different mindset than the average woman. This is likely the main reason you aren’t getting girls.

Forget thinking like a guy.  When men and women crawled out of the primordial ooze their evolutionary requirements made them have very different perspectives when it comes to ‘hooking up.’ Men tend to be visual and obsessed with how women look.

Females are less inclined to judge men solely based on looks.  There is more leeway built in than you might imagine.

On Mars (where men are from) the inhabitants want good-looking females.  On Venus (home of the women) the inhabitants are looking for someone to connect with.

How do you create that connection? Your girl will judge the connection between you and her on the basis of how you make her feel about herself and how well you listen to her.  Communication is ultimately the tool used to move any human relationship forward.  Great communicators are great listeners.  Listen to what she’s saying and never, ever put her down for her feelings or thoughts on any issue.

This is the basis that any regular guy can use to begin getting girls.  Drop any antics or routines you think are important and really strive to listen.  If you do listen carefully you’ll pick up an all sorts of information about the girl that can be used to strengthen the bonds between you.

People like people who like them.  When you show this girl that you understand her and like her for who she is you stand a real chance of going further in a relationship with her.  Although this advice seems simple – because it is – very few people are actually following it.

More Information On How To Get Girls To Like You

Handsome Guys Hate Him

All of the tips I’ve given here will result in you getting more women.  This advice does not apply to getting laid on ‘cold-approaches.’  If you’re looking for more in-depth information on fast seduction techniques I suggest adding your email to the sidebar on the right and also make sure to check out The TAO of Badass.  Click here to watch an exciting video presentation that explains how this system can help regular guys get more than their fair share of girls.

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Thanks so much for stopping by and reading.  Good luck with your efforts!

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