How To Get A Girl’s Attention And Keep It On Lock

How To Get A Girl’s Attention And Keep It On Lock

Girl’s are busy.  They’re preoccupied with so many activities – it’s tough to get their attention, even for a second. But if you want to seduce them, you’re going to have to devise a strategy that commands their attention. You need to do something that literally compels them to pay attention to you. If you can’t do that, you can forget getting anywhere.  At that point, you might as well quit being a pickup artist and go have a Frozen Yogurt, you big baby.

According to the Associated Press, attention spans have been reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds in the last decade!  Social media has created a new class of people who can barely focus on anything, even for a short period of time.  That means you have 8 seconds to ‘do or die‘ when it comes to getting the attention of a girl you desire.

Getting someone’s attention means they need to notice you.  Work on things that make you stand out from the crowd so you’re noticed in order to get ‘all eyes on you.’

Getting noticed is easy, but you never want to get noticed for the wrong reasons.

Getting Her Attention For The Right Reasons

Getting noticed can be done in numerous ways, but for our purposes some of the methods are off-base. For instant, we don’t want to be noticed because we have a strong, foul body odor!  Sure, that makes us stand out from the crowd, but not in a way we can work with.  We aren’t trying to win awards for being loud or obnoxious, either.  Let’s take a look at a few key tips for gaining attention.

People who do not get much attention tend to be:

  • Boring.
  • Unoriginal.
  • Self-centered.

Boring people don’t deserve our attention, well, because they’re so damn boring!  Unless we want to take an early nap, most of us will pay no attention to boring folks.  The same goes for people who are just completely unoriginal.  Have you ever met one of those dudes who is completely redundant?  You know what I’m talking about. You literally feel a strong case of ‘Deja Vu‘ when you first meet this cat because it feels like you’ve met him before.  You can’t remember if his name is ‘Dave‘ or Dwayne five seconds after shaking his clammy hand!

Lastly, the self centered prick has a hard time getting attention.  This guy is the spammer of social circles.  He has a hard time adding any significant value so it’s all ‘look at me…look at me.‘  Since it’s not clear what this person can do for us, we tend to forget about them almost instantly.

People who easily gain our attention do these:

  • Learn about us.
  • Add value to our life.
  • Entertain us.

All of us our self interested, so we notice when the other person only talks about themselves.  People who take the time to learn about us stand out and get our attention.  The same thing goes for anyone who adds value to our lives.  I remember one time a guy I just met helped me push my car out of the icy patch it was stuck on on a Winter night.  That guy stands out from countless others I’ve encountered.  Those who entertain us also tend to stand out it our minds, simply because they made us laugh.

The principles that guide attention in these examples are exactly what will help you get a girl’s attention and keep it on lock.

Attention Is The First Step On The Road To Attraction

Get Her Attention For The Right Reasons

Attention is the beginning phase of Attraction.  First you have to get her to notice you.  After she’s noticed you, she will evaluate you for potential hookup status. What makes people stand out from others? Generally there is something unusual about how they dress or their overall appearance. Some people are flamboyant in their personal gestures.  Others speak authoritatively and loudly.  Some can command attention just by the way they hold themselves.

The tactics used to gain attention will probably vary according to where you’re at.  The rules to stand out at a nightclub tend to be different than the ones used to get noticed at the super market.

So I’ve already outlined the basics you need to know.  Let’s look into these concepts in greater details so you’re good to go.  Your basic approach to successful seduction will end up following the same pattern every time.  First you have to get her attention, then you have to heighten it.  Let’s look at a few ways to gain women’s attention that are generally successful.

Ways To Gain Her Attraction

Flirt To Get Her Attention

When Neil Strauss wrote ‘The Game‘, a lot of attention was granted to several ‘Mystery Method‘ techniques such as ‘peacocking‘ to gain women’s attention.

Peacocking was controversial to many, because it the men who used the technique risked looking foolish in front of the girls they were trying to impress.  Wearing an outlandish outfit is not always going to come natural to many guys, so their trepidation was understandable.

Standing out from the crowd by doing what a Peacock does is a method that’s loved by many.  For those who are self conscious this technique can be daunting.  Others – who adopt the attitude that they’re merely expressing themselves – tend to do much better.  If you’re too aware that you’re putting on some sort of act, girls will immediately pick up on your insincerity.  Being insincere is one of the fastest ways going to alienate the women you’re trying to pickup.  If you decide to dress outlandishly, you need to believe in the act.

Poor peacocking could easily appear to be a case of trying too hard if you’re not careful.

The correct mindset is that you’re comfortable wearing whatever you want.  If girls happen to notice you because of it, fine!  If they want to hookup – cool.  But you can’t let the outcome of the evening determine whether you’re happy with your choice of dress.  That decision is entirely yours.

Clothing And Accessories Should Help You Demonstrate Higher Value

Get Her Attention And Keep It

Don’t just wear clothes to shock or entertain.  Use your clothing and accessories as ‘conversation starters‘ and evidence of the high value you can offer. An example: “Oh, this watch.  I won this when I was salesman of the year for my company in 2012. It’s one of my favorites.”

Whatever you decide to wear, if it’s different, it will get noticed.  It’s your way of demonstrating to her that you don’t give a damn about what people think of you.  Unlike all the other ‘low value‘ guys there, who are all dressed exactly the same, you’re not afraid to be different.  This type of confidence is very attractive to girls.

It’s no secret that many ‘creative type’ guys attract lots of women.  Girls tend to think these guys are very confident and expressive, in large part because of how they carry themselves.  The same principle can be put to work by any motivated guy who wants more attention from the opposite sex.

If you have no issue with peacocking and think you can pull it off with no trouble, it’s worth giving it a try.  If you wear something unique enough, it will help to get you noticed and could be easily used to introduce whatever frame you wanted into the conversation.  Having props like this setup before hand is what separates a pro from an amateur, which explains why pickup artists tend to pull consistently higher quality and numbers than their ‘regular guy’ counterparts.  If you’re willing to plan ahead and be smooth about your presentation, you’re bound to get your share of girls.  The guys who aren’t playing ‘The Game‘ will be passed over for those who are active participants.

Get Her Attention By Displaying A Congruent Message

Think of yourself as a brand.  Brands send clear messages to people about what they can expect.  You can do the same with your pickup efforts.  A big mistakes lots of guys makes happens when they fail to send a congruent message to females.  In the worst case, mixed signals are sent, which lowers their chances of getting laid. If you’re a ‘fun guy‘ then send that message.  Don’t be a ‘tough guy’ in addition to being a fun guy.  Sure, you can have different aspects to your personality – but lighten up on any Jekyll and Hyde tendencies you have!  Confusion is the enemy of seduction.

Congruence helps because:

  • When you text her, you’re the same guy she met at the club.
  • When you show up, you’re the same guy she’s been talking to via text and who she met at the club.

Many times seduction fails because there’s a jarring moment when the girl becomes aware that you aren’t what you say you are.  Insincerity will always kill your efforts.  That’s why people often give out the advice ‘to just be yourself.’  Of course this advice is terrible to a degree, but contains a kernel of truth.  Be true to yourself is probably better – and always put your best foot forward.  There’s no need to portray yourself in a less than favorable light.  Always endeavor to look and act your best.  With so many mediocre competitors out there, it’s bound to pay off.

Make Your Brand Get Attention

Whatever you decide on as being essentially ‘you‘ make sure to add an element of attention seeking.  It’s easy to be bland.  That’s the reason most people choose to not make an impact. It’s easier to dress down and not stand out than it is to take a fashion stand.

It’s easy to be lazy about your seduction efforts, so be on guard.  If you slip up, other guys will swoop in and get your girl.  Diligence is the path.  When you decide on walking the path of a seducer, you have to make decisions based on whether they help your chances of getting more girls.  Gaining their attention and keeping it is what separates the amateurs from the pros.  Always start with attention, and you can rest assured attraction and seduction are soon to follow.

The guy who gets the most attention demonstrates his high value easily. Girls are drawn towards him because they can see all the other girls checking him out. It’s a part of their genetic makeup that can’t be avoided. Since all the other women are interested, they perk up and get interested too.  If the attention is intense, so will their attraction be.  Heightened interest leads to heightened attraction and arousal.

Take Action To Get Attention

You have to take action to get results.  You’ve already learned enough information about attention in this article that you should never fail at getting your share!  If you’re willing to take action you will find yourself the center of attention for many attractive females.  Don’t delay.  There’s nothing stopping you from getting more than your fair share of women.  The only limiting factor you have our your own beliefs.  If you’re willing to take a leap of faith that you have what it takes to be a pickup artist, then you can do it.  That’s they way the Universe works and is the reason people are able to ‘turn their luck around’ in life.  Nobody is pre-destined to have failed relationships or to remain virgins for too long.  They simply have not taken effective action that would help them achieve their goals.

The Girl Getting Guide is a resource that can help any guy get more girls.  Take your time and absorb as much of this info as I’ve laid out as possible.  If you do, I guarantee you’ll get much better results than you’ve been able to muster so far.  It took me ten years to learn much of the important information I share here. It’s my sincere hope that you’ll use these tips to extend your love life so you can get as much satisfaction as humanly possible.  Thanks for stopping by and reading.


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