How To Get A Girlfriend Quickly

So you decided you wanted a girlfriend – did you?  Congratulations on your decision.  Having a girlfriend is one of the most rewarding situations in life.  The two of you are going to have great times together – but first you have to find her!

Finding a girlfriend is not a terribly complicated process.  One big factor on your side is the fact there are so many girls in the world.  Based on the numbers alone there’s definitely a girl out there who wants to date you.  The only issue is working through the ones who don’t until you find the one who will! If you enter on this journey with a clear mind and a true purpose you cannot fail to find a perfect girlfriend.

4 P’s Of Getting A Girlfriend


How To Get A Girlfriend Quickly

Finding a girlfriend is going to take some effort.  You’ll need to pursue your goal until you achieve it. Nobody else can get a girlfriend for you.  It’s up to you to find that special someone – no matter how slim the pickings may seem at first. The most important step towards finding a girlfriend involves commitment to the cause.  Your pursuit could take you many months.  You will be challenged every step of the way.  In the end only you can take the steps necessary to find lasting love.

Are you ready to accept this challenge?

If you are then you’re already well on your way to achieving your goal.  You’ll get your share of rejection – but you’ll also find a girl who is willing to date you exclusively.  The odds are stacked in your favor.  If you are willing to extend your social circle and to meet new people chances are very high that eventually you’ll find one of them who will be a great match for you!  It’s happened this way for countless man for generations before you and it will happen for you.

Here are several ways you can reduce the amount of time your girlfriend search takes:

  • Tell your friends you’re looking for a girlfriend – they might be able to help.
  • Send out signals to nearby parties that you’re interested.  See if anyone bites! Sometimes your next girlfriend is right around the corner literally!  Don’t overlook the obvious.
  • Join dating websites and create a profile.  It has worked for others and could work for you.  You can search by interests and find girls who have similar interests as you.
  • Go where single girls are.  Talk to them!  Try the busiest mall in your town.  You’ll find tons of girls there.  Casually walk up to them and flirt!  You might not succeed every time – but you NEVER KNOW what good things are in store for you if you try.  Get in the habit of talking to girls and you’ll never have a shortage of dates.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for any new girl you might want to meet and then introduce yourself. Fortune favors the bold.

If any of these tips seem basic it’s because they are!  Finding a girlfriend is the result of the efforts you put into your pursuit. Leave no stone un-turned in your quest.


It might take you a great deal of time to find a girlfriend – no one can say for sure.  One thing is certain though – if you give up before you reach your goal you will have failed.  Finding a girlfriend may take real persistence.  Not every girl is going to be interested – or available.  Rest assured though – at least one of them will be!

Don’t quit until you find a girlfriend because the alternative is much worse!  You don’t want to be that guy  who resents life and the happiness of others because he hasn’t achieved his goal of having a girlfriend.  If a girlfriend is what you truly want you owe it to yourself to try and get one!  The best part is – there are tons of girls who are looking for boyfriends too!  It’s not a one way street.  Even though it may seem like your search isn’t successful you should keep on going.  One day you’ll find the girl who’s interested and you’ll forget all about the journey to get there.

You know what they call guys who give up before they find a girlfriend?  I won’t even say it because you know…

If you’re looking to get a girlfriend quickly you need to work through the numbers quickly.  That means you don’t have a lot of time to date the wrong girls.  You have to become an expert at figuring out which ones are girlfriend material and which ones aren’t.  Only you can decide on your selection criteria for a girlfriend – but always stick to your own rules at least.


You can’t just settle for the first girl you get along with.  There’s more to selecting a girlfriend then stopping when you find the first decent candidate.  You need to hold out until you find a girl who really complements you.  If you find you’re dating a girl and she’s not girlfriend material – move on.

There are lots of other fish in the sea.  Throw back any girls that don’t meet your requirements.  Be patient and wait for the ‘Big Catch!’

You might be surprised to learn that a lot of guys aren’t that picky.  They end up settling down with one of the first girls they ever get serious about.  This is a bad idea – especially before you’ve played the field at all.  You might have a tendency to get excited about accomplishing your goal of getting a girlfriend. But if she’s not the right one you’re in for a painful relationship!  Make sure you see your girl in all kinds of situations before you get serious with her. Sometimes people are fun to date – but not much fun to be around on a day-by-day basis.  If things start out great but turn south – you still have the option of moving on.  Although being a girlfriend is pretty serious – you aren’t married yet!  If you decide she’s not the girl for you just end it and keep looking.


You have to bring passion to your pursuit.  Girls will be able to tell if you’re just faking it.  Show them what makes you excited.  If the girl is right for you she’ll respect your interests.  If the two of you share multiple interests all the better.  People try and downplay compatibility in dating but it can’t be done.  When you and your girlfriend like at least some of the same things it tends to be a more relaxed relationship than complete opposites have.  You don’t want to be carbon copies – because that would get boring – but liking the same movies and music makes figuring out what to do together a whole lot easier.

You also need to make sure there’s passion in the relationship.  Not just passion for shared interests but  genuine passion for each other.  Relationships have a hard time sustaining without this key ingredient.

Keep On Going Until You Get Your Girlfriend

Handsome Guys Hate Him

Don’t give up on your dream of having a great girlfriend to spend time with.  Being single has its advantages – but so does ‘settling down‘ with one special person.

To get a girlfriend quickly you can’t worry about rejection.  You have to shoulder on and keep initiating contact with more girls until you strike a chord with one who meets your requirements!  It’s doubtful that ‘bells will ring‘ when you do meet the right girl – but your intuition will loudly tell you you’re on the right path.  If she and you are both happy together then all is well!

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