How To Get A Girlfriend Every Time

How To Get A Girlfriend Every Time

“You remind me of my next girlfriend.” – You to a girl you just met.

If you’re like most guys you want to learn how to get a girlfriend. It’s an admirable ambition so congratulations on your decision to find one!  Girlfriends are a lot of fun and every guy should have at least one. Let’s take a look at all the basic information you need to get a girlfriend of your very own.

Any guy who takes these steps will be in a position to get a girlfriend – or even more than one if he chooses.  The world is full of potential mates for everyone.  It takes a bit of effort to find the right person but the rewards are worth it.

May your journey be a successful one!

You Won’t Find A Girlfriend In Your House

Chances are very good that you won’t find girlfriend material sitting around your house.  Playing video games and staying indoors might help you earn a new ‘high score‘ but it will do very little to enhance your social life.

There are two main reasons to get in the habit of leaving your house if you’re looking for a girlfriend.

  • You will meet girls.
  • You will gain the experience you need to talk to them by practicing.

Staying at home will not improve your social skills.  If you have a reasonable set of social skills and you spend time going to where people are at you will find someone to date.  As complicated as some people try to make it finding a mate is actually elementary.  You need to have access to girls and you have to be able to communicate with them in a way they find pleasing.

When you enter the human marketplace and ‘seek‘ girls you’re making an important first step towards a relationship.  Some of the girls you meet are ‘out there‘ for the purpose of ‘getting met‘ by a guy just like you.  You can complete the connection simply by showing up.  The guy who stays home does not even get to take his turn at bat.  When you enter the game and play it hard good things will happen.

You Have Lots Of Advantages These Days When Seeking Girls

You Have Lots Of Advantages These Days When Seeking Girls

Really, you don’t just have to leave the house and head for a random nightclub.  If you prefer you can make your actions much more specific. Using Facebook or Twitter or any of a dozen online dating sites you can easily find someone who is willing to meet you.  These sites also allow you to maintain large social circles.  You could always update your status and enlist some of your other friends to help you find a girl who wants to go on a date.

It’s never been easier to meet people than right now.  That’s a huge advantage and you will need to put it to work for you on your quest to find a girlfriend.

The choice is yours when it comes to finding girls.  They are all around you.  Choose a method that brings you into contact with at least a few new girls each week.  Get to know them and ask them out. As your numbers go up you’ll quickly be able to determine which girl you’re really interested in and which ones you aren’t.  Through this process of selection you’ll eventually find one you want to date exclusively.  That’s her!  That’s your new girlfriend.

Look Your Best To Get A Girlfriend

You already know you need to put your best foot forward when you’re looking for a girlfriend.  That means a great haircut, clean clothes, and whatever style you can muster.  Looks aren’t everything but first impressions certainly count.  Nobody wants to date a non hygienic slob!  Clean up your act and try your best to look good.

You don’t have to be Hollywood-handsome to get girls or a girlfriend.  Believe that at least one person out there is going to love how you look.  It’s true. There’s somebody for everyone.  If you remain positive and put yourself where girls are you’ll find one that really goes crazy for you.  It’s happened since the beginning of time and will continue to happen!

  • Cut your fingernails.
  • Take a shower.
  • Shave your face.
  • Put some cologne on!
  • Wear some nice duds.

Don’t skip any of these steps.  Clean yourself up for presentation before meeting girls.

Don’t Be Afraid To Model Your Behavior On Proven Success

If you have a friend who does well with girls or has a girlfriend you’re impressed with don’t be afraid to copy what he does!  Don’t be an exact clone but definitely observe what he’s doing and add some of his tricks to your repertoire.

Following proven success principles can help you attain success too.  Pick up on what guys who have girlfriends are doing right and then do it! If you add some of the tactics they’re using you’ll see your own social life improve.

Be A Flirt Whenever Possible

Don’t be afraid to flirt.  When you’re looking for a girlfriend flirting is the best tool you have.  Flirt with girls whenever you feel you have a reasonable chance of impressing them.  If they’re not interested the flirting won’t go anywhere.  They will still likely be flattered though.  If the flirting works you’re well on your way to establishing something more meaningful.

You don’t have to go overboard with flirting.  Simply make eye contact and try to be ‘fun and flirty.’  If your efforts fall flat, oh well.  Half the battle in finding girls is being willing to shoulder some rejection. The guys who get the most women actually get TONS of rejection.  That’s all part of putting yourself out there.  Just deal with it and keep on moving.  Not everyone is going to find your charming.  So what? Someone will!  Focus on the positive outcome.  That’s a girlfriend to call your own.

As you work your way through a number of girls you’re engaged in a selection process.  You will either be rejected by them or you’ll be the one doing the rejecting.  The ones who are left over are ‘girlfriend material.’

The whole process looks something like this.  X number of girls you meet – Y number of girls you date – Z – the best of the breed becomes a girlfriend.  If you’re having trouble getting to ‘Z’ then focus on getting more of ‘X’ and ‘Y.’  Repeat the process as many times as necessary until you have a great girlfriend.  Never settle for less than you really want no matter how desperate you may feel.

Handsome Guys Hate Him

You owe it to yourself to get the girl.  All it takes is consistent effort and you’ll be able to accomplish your goal.

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