The Girl Doesn’t Text Back And You’re Beside Yourself. Let’s Look At What You Can Do To Get Her To Call

You were so excited when you met the girl, now the girl doesn’t text back.  Everything went well during your meeting, you thought.  You spent a lot of time together in the club and you got her phone number.  You tried texting her and….NOTHING.  You thought you were making progress and you ended up instead with the sounds of crickets.  You’re baffled, hurt, and confused.  What the heck did “I” do wrong you probably wonder.

Either You Or Her Are Just Too Nervous

Girl Doesn’t Text Back – What Do I Do?

Talk about a simple explanation.  Who isn’t nervous the first time they meet a new person, especially one they’re interested in?  It’s simply human nature.  If the girl doesn’t text you back it could be because either she’s too nervous or you are!  You need to try and stay relaxed at the stage where you’re first texting.  If it’s clear you’re nervous, you may blow your big shot before it ever happens.

Bone up on your text messaging skills before texting a girl you really like. There are numerous tactics you can use to optimize your return text rate. Make sure you use them. Otherwise you’ll be crying yourself to sleep lonely when the girl doesn’t text back.

You’re Not At The Club Any More

She’s not tipsy and you’re not in a smoky poorly-lit environment.  She’s back in the ‘real world’ and you are too.  Perhaps her dalliance with you just didn’t quite convince her that spending time with you is a good investment for her.  It happens.  Don’t forget there will always be a ‘state shift‘ from a place where everyone is having casual fun to returning to your regular routine. This can sometimes be hard to overcome and you need to develop a strategy on how to make the transition.

If you were prepared for this, there were certain techniques you could have used to prevent this outcome.  However, if you’ve been blown off already and didn’t use the tactics, move on.  Once you’ve mastered the skills necessary to set the stage in the future, this will happen to you less and less.

Maybe Your Text Doesn’t Merit A Reply

You might be surprised at how many guys complain they didn’t get a text back from a girl.  Unfortunately for them, their text didn’t even merit a reply.  Don’t forget that text messaging is a very specific medium.  Depending on how you format your text, it might be easier for her to not reply at all.  Maybe she didn’t understand what you said.  Make really sure you’re careful about how you put your texts together for maximum impact.

If you’re struggling on how to format your texts to make sure you get her to text back, consider taking a course.  I recommend Magnetic Messaging because it’s the most comprehensive program on text messaging girls available.  Click here to learn more about it.  If you implement the lessons taught in this amazing system, she will text you back.

Just because she didn’t text you back doesn’t mean she isn’t texting some lucky S.O.B. back instantly.  You can develop the skills needed to effectively text and you will be that guy.  Thanks for stopping by and good luck with the girls!

The girl doesn’t text back and I don’t know what to do. Read this to learn more.

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