Getting Out Of The Friend Zone – A Guide

You need to get out of the friend zone.  You don’t remember exactly how you ended up there, but you KNOW it’s not where you want to be.  What you need now is a road map that leads out of the friend zone.

How Do You Know You’re In The Friend Zone?

Handsome Guys Hate Him

You can figure out you’ve been friend zoned based on language.  If the girl you’re interested in refers to “we” all the time and makes comments like “you are SUCH a good friend” you know you’re there. And you know what else? It sucks. A women that thinks of you as a friend is not a women that you’ll be having sex with.

You’ll start out as friends and end up as friends.  In the meantime she’ll have plenty of lovers.  None of them will be her ‘friends‘ and they won’t care one bit.

if friendship with this women was not your goal, something has gone wrong and you need to fix it fast.

Are You In The Friend Zone For A Reason?

Be honest with yourself.  Did you give her the wrong signals?  Are you in the friend zone because you really wanted to be friends with her in the first place? If this is how you feel, fine.  There’s no need to try and escape the zone.  You can live their happily forever braiding her hair, sharing secrets, and putting polish on her toe-nails. If you definitely don’t want to be there, read on.

Getting Out Of The Friend Zone Simplified

Being stuck in the friend zone is no fun.

The less time you spend there the better. You’ve already messed something up.  Now you have to figure out what went wrong and devise a strategy to fix it.

Luckily for you, others have been in the same position as you.  Many of them have prevailed.

Learn their tactics and apply them to your own situation for best results.

Getting more women is a skill.  Skills can always be learned, practiced, and perfected.  Once your A-Game is up to speed, the friend zone will become a permanent ‘thing of the past.’ Click here to learn how others are doing it right now.

What Got Me In Here In The First Place? And Tell Me About Getting Out Of The Friend Zone

You’ve made a series of mistakes that have cost you an opportunity for love and sex and ended you in a place of friendship.  Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being friends.  But if that’s not what you were looking for, the feelings can be emotionally devastating.  Who wants to be de-humanized by having to converse with a women you have feelings for while she speaks to you as if you’re just another one of her girlfriends.  It’s pretty emasculating and is not a proper fit for most guys.

The two main reasons you ended up here are:

  •  You let the touch-gap grow into an un-crossable chasm.
  •  You built rapport way to early in the relationship.

Getting Out Of The Friend Zone Involves Eliminating The Touch Gap

In order to move out of the friend zone, you’ll have to introduce touch to your relationship. Depending on how long you’ve been simmering in the zone, this could be awkward.  Still, you’ll have to try.  Instead of building emotional rapport like you’ve been doing, you need to instead build attraction. That means light, gentle touching that is designed to build interest and attraction. This should have been done earlier on, but it’s still worth a try.

Keep the touches as fleeting as possible.  You aren’t looking to ‘weird her out‘ or get slapped. You’re just trying to signal your intention that you are attracted to her and you want her to be attracted to you.  Light, fun touches can convey this message.  If she barely resists, you’re well on your way out of the zone and headed to greener pastures.

At this stage of the game, things are getting harder instead of easier.  You would have been better off just playing your cards right from the very beginning. Now you’re fighting an uphill battle.  Still, you can ultimately triumph if you stay positive and keep focused.

If you want to learn more about tactics to get out of the friend zone permanently, click here.  I think this video will astound you with its uplifting message.

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