Follow These Tips To Get More Girls Interested In You Today!

Get Sexy Girls Interested

No matter whether you’re a guy that wants to start dating more or you want a more serious relationship, the more ladies that you can get interested in you, the better!

My friend Paul is one of those types of guys that always has women flocking around him.  No matter whether he goes to the club, to the mall or even to the park to play basketball, women seem  to ‘pick up‘ on him and want to be with him.

When I first noticed this phenomenon with Paul, I decided to quietly study what he was doing that was so special.

He’s an average looking guy. He stands about 5’10” and has dark hair and dark eyes. But despite his somewhat limited physical appeal (in my opinion anyway) he really is a proverbial ‘chick magnet.’

So what have I learned by studying Paul? I’ve learned that competence is a true key component to success with the opposite sex. Paul is one of those people who literally is good at almost everything he tries. He’s even great at certain activities he’s worked on for years. He is a very able person who can do repairs around the house as easily as he can program websites. He’s largely self taught, but he’s always willing to bear down and improve his skills at any subject.

Competence Spawns Confidence

Confidence – You Should Get Some

Being good at something gives people confidence. Being the best makes that confidence level soar. When guys are slumping in the game of getting women, they’ll often be told to ‘work on themselves first.’ This is a pretty decent idea. Before you go out in the world and try to spread your influence you need to make sure you’re confident about what you say and do.

There’s no better way to interest girls than by being truly interesting. The best way to be interesting is to have a lot of interests! If that seems simple realize that most true advice is both easy to understand and implement. Plenty of women have lusted after a good looking guy who has been hitting the gym hard, just to find out they lose interest almost immediately after he opens his mouth. When he starts telling her that he eats only 8 ounce lean chicken breasts and spends 6 hours every day alternating between his calves and arms, her eyes gloss over!

When a guy speaks about something he’s good at his passion shines through. Someone who is genuinely excited about a subject and who has a real command of it can be riveting. Most importantly, someone with a lot of interests tends to be a well-rounded conversationalist. Conversation skills take you the furthest when it comes to meeting new people and getting to know them.

Don’t overlook how important it is to be a well-rounded individual who is competent at a few undertakings. Your self esteem will soar when you know you’re truly skilled. That esteem will carry you further than any pickup lines or great abs ever could.

Don’t Forget Your Body Language

Study Body Language To Be More Interesting

Have you ever studied the proper use of body posture? You should. Much of what we communicate to others has to do with our body language. Girls you meet won’t just be judging you based only on what you say – they’ll also be reading your body language for numerous signs.

It’s up to you to present a congruent image. What you’re saying and how you hold yourself must add up to a cohesive image you present to the others. If that image says you’re a strong, confident man, you’ll find girls are almost automatically attracted to and interested in you. What you do from that point forward is up to you, but first impressions matter.

Body language can be a relatively complex subject, so it’s worth your time to study it a bit. You won’t need to be a true expert on body language to get things right, though. All you need is to follow a few basic precepts and you’ll project the type of image that attracts women to you like bees to honey.

The main body language you should be interested in projecting should say: “I am approachable.” If you can master this tactic you’ll get approached more often! If you stand around with your arms folded and your fists clenched, you’re saying “I’m mad and I want to punch someone!

Of course the subject can be a bit more involved than that, but the idea should be coming across. A confident, smiling man with a relaxed body posture will do better when he approaches women – and he’ll also be approached more by girls. The congruence of the open stance and the smile signal to females that this guy is more than willing to talk.

Get An Endorsement Before You Meet

Endorsements Pay Off

One of the most overlooked tactics that can be employed by guys who are looking to get more girls is the endorsement. Endorsements working for dating the same way they work for selling shoes. When Lebron James endorses a pair of shoes, people are very likely to want to get a pair. Why? Because they respect his ability to play basketball and they feel his endorsement of shoes means the pair is really something special.

Funny enough, this same principle works in other areas of life.

If another guy or girl – who already has the respect of a certain female – endorses you, your stock value rises sharply. In fact, this girl is much more interested in you than if you just approach her and tell her what an amazing guy you are.

People pay a lot of attention to what others think. If someone else has already judged you to be a worthy mate, then the girl is apt to follow along.

Employ this principle whenever you can to get girls interested. It saves you a lot of heavy lifting. Such endorsements will speed up your ‘time to market‘ with girls, and will save you efforts in convincing them you’re worthy.

When all is said and done, getting more girls to date or to sleep with you, is merely a process of proving your worth. If they think you’re worthy, they’ll get over any initial hesitation they might have and get involved with you. If they feel you’re unworthy, no amount of talking, begging, or cajoling can possibly work. Smart guys know the advantage of endorsements and make sure they always have one BEFORE they ever meet girls they’re interested in.

Dress Cool And Look Your Best

Shallow Wins In The Short Term

Grungy dudes are all too common these days. If you want to stand out from the crowd you will want to pay close attention to your hygiene and your clothing.

No matter how ‘deep‘ any of us think we are – superficiality is also one of our main traits! Most people don’t know you at all, so they are forced to judge you based on visual cues. There’s no way around it. A woman who is deciding if she’s interested in you is also going to size you up for the basics.

You DO NOT have to be a fashion trend setter in order to look good. Study the basics of the topic and develop at least a little style.

Hygiene should always be a priority. Do you really think she’s going to want to kiss you when you reek of beer and pizza? When you lean in to get a bit more physical, make sure you smell good. If you can delight all five or her senses you are on the road to glory!

Never overlook any of these simple tips just because they seem trivial. Triviality and superficiality are going to always reign supreme when first meeting people. Later on real bonds of trust and rapport may form – but the initial stages of any relationship are stuck on the mundane details.

Many really quality guys wonder why some totally undeserving knob they know gets so much tail. After all, the guy is dumb and completely phony and plastic, they say. Well, those are the exact reasons he’s doing so well. Later on, when the girls get to really know him, they’ll grow tired of his lack of depth. He won’t care, though, because all we wanted was sex anyways! You can learn a lot from a guy like that! You can be just like him at first and then REVEAL the many facets of your well developed character over time. If she sticks with you, you know you found yourself a keeper.

Lay Off The Drugs And Alcohol

Layoff The Booze And Drugs

Unless you’re looking to find a drunk drug user chick to hang out with – you’re better off avoiding alcohol and drugs when you’re looking for girls.

There’s a large segment of our population who actually believe that somehow drugs and alcohol make them more witty and appealing to the opposite sex.

Taking a few shots of ‘Liquid Courage‘ have given some guys the ability to overcome their self esteem issues and hit on the girl of their dreams. Most of the time, though, dudes will overshoot the mark and end up becoming sloppily, incoherently wasted. In this state, they’re more likely to get arrested than to find babes.

If you honestly think you need alcohol to have the ‘courage‘ to talk to girls, you should probably approach this subject from the ground up. First you should identify why you have such a lack of self esteem and why you feel you’re not worthy to even converse with women.

The most you can hope for is that the drug you takes will temporarily mask your inhibitions and allow you to operate long enough to lob a few weak pickup lines at the closest hottie. The trouble is – if she senses you’re too wasted, she’s going to write you off as being a complete loser! If she actually likes your act, congratulations, you’ve got a new drinking buddy to hand out with. You’re still going to have find someone to bail you and her out of jail as soon as your ‘Bonnie and Clyde‘ act wears thin.

In the final analysis you’re looking for a sex partner or a life partner when you meet girls. You’re not looking for a ‘partner in crime!’

The absolute worst thing about drugs and alcohol is the negative effect it has on your sex life. Say you finally get that drunken girl to sleep with your drunken ass but then you can’t get it up! Whisky dick is real and should be avoided at all costs.

Go Get’Em!

If you’ve read this far, thanks! I appreciate your enthusiasm. There’s only one bit of advice I have left to give you and it’s this. Just quit thinking so much and get out there and do it! Life is actually very short. None of us know how long we have so agonizing over every little detail is only going to rob you of your chance to get a girlfriend.

Don’t let your own mind and negative thinking be your worst enemies. Overcome the tendency to doubt yourself. You have as much right as anyone to be happy, regardless of what anyone may have told you up to this point. It is not your destiny to be alone.

You are worthy of love. All of us are. You may have gotten some bad ideas about self image in your head. It can happen to any of us. Forget all that and realize there’s ALWAYS someone for you. The world is literally filled with 7 billion people – half of whom are female! There is AT LEAST one girl for you, if not many, many more.

Disengage your mind from self criticism and form the type of life you always wanted. It’s never too late.

Thanks for stopping and good luck!

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