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Adults love this raunchy game, that’s made up of Top 10 Lists. You’re going to love the questions, and answers you get!

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Consider the benefits of Midnight Outburst – The Twisted Game of Top10 Lists – New Adult Party Game from Creators of Taboo. This top-notch hot product is a top pick.

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Midnight Outburst - The Twisted Game of Top10 Lists - New Adult Party Game from Creators of Taboo

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Midnight Outburst is the shout-out Party Game of inappropriate Top 10 lists—a wild, raunchy and definitely “adults only” version of the classic game. So you can forget about all that stuff you learned in school—with Midnight Outburst, you and your friends will show off your knowledge of what’s really important in life—like drinking games, bodily functions, recreational drugs, genital slang, music and more.

It’s easy to play— which is good, because you’re probably drunk. Just pick a card and choose a topic. Then, everyone on your team shouts out as many answers as they can in 45 seconds. The more you match, the more your team scores. And the more you’ll impress your friends with your amazing repertoire of all things naughty.

  • Midnight Outburst. Great for game nights, parties, or for turning an otherwise boring night into a party.TEAM PARTY GAME. Shout-out-loud with your friends; two teams of two or more crazy people.
  • TONS OF CARDS. 584 highly inappropriate top-10 lists. You can play this game again and again, and be sure of fresh content each time.
  • NSFW! Not for the easily offended – but you don’t hang out with those people anyway. Recommended for good unwholesome fun.
  • EXCLUSIVE to Amazon.
  • NEW! Grab your copy of this just released game from the creator of OUTBURST and TABOO.
  • This fantastic item is worth a visit.

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