Do Men Really Want To Get Married?

Do men really want to get married? This is a common question for a lot of women that are searching for  Mr. Right – not Mr. Right Now.

Do Men Really Want To Get Married?

Yes, Men Want Marriage Too

Yes, Men Want Marriage Too

If you’re anything like I – or many of my friends – you’re no stranger to the dating game.

You may have spent time dating a lot of different guys or even been faithful to a boyfriend for years, only to find that the guy(s) you were putting your time and emotions into weren’t ready to commit to marriage.

This is really frustrating, not to mention time-consuming – especially if you spend a year or two or even a decade figuring this out. You really just wonder do men really want to get married?

Waiting for the news that your man wants to get married can seem like forever.

You’re always left being the Bridesmaid and never the Bride.

Change all that and learn to get the ring for yourself.

You steer clear of catching the bridal bouquet and look for ways to navigate around the uncomfortable questions like “Are you going to be next?” from family members and even strangers.

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Yes – Men Really Want To Get Married!

You Can Have The Love You Want

You Can Have The Love You Want

Men and women aren’t that much different. Both men and women have a strong desire to be loved and valued and not be lonely – especially as they get older.

While upbringing, life experiences and a general fear of marriage might be to blame for your man dragging his feet, deep down he knows that being all alone in a big world without a life partner is no walk in the park either.

A man might need assurance that you’re truly committed to him before he asks you if you want to spend the rest of your life with him.

He might be testing your loyalty.

He could be making sure that you share the same values and you’re on the same page as it relates to starting a family.

All of these reasons for delaying a wedding date aren’t actually a bad thing – chances are he just wants to make the right decision so his marriage is successful. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t want to get married.

If you’re tired of playing the waiting game, there are a few measures you can take. You can issue an ultimatum – usually not a good idea. You can end the relationship – which defeats the purpose. Or you can learn about what your boyfriends thoughts on marriage are and finally get the ring that you’ve always wanted. The decision is up to you!

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