It’s difficult to not feel worried, hurt and threatened when you feel like your man pulls away.

When this happens, you could have doubts about what your future looks like together. Will you be together next month? Next year? Forever?

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When He Pulls Away Give Him Space

What To Do When He Pulls Away

What To Do When He Pulls Away

What To Do When He Pulls Away

If your man pulls away, don’t let your imagination get the better of you. Chances are you’re making a mountain out of a molehill.

Men can be temperamental creatures. Sometimes when he pulls away give him space.

By giving him space you’re giving him the freedom to deal with with  stress, his job or personal issues that he’s working through on his own terms.

This shows that you trust him and you care about his needs.

When your man pulls away from you, don’t be too quick to assume that you’re having relationship problems. You don’t want to make problems where none exist, after all.

The best advice for you when he pulls away is give him the space that he’s asking for.

During this time, don’t blow up his cell phone with messages or texts, either. Just let him be. It’s normal for people to need some ‘alone time’ every now and again.

Resist the urge to prod him with questions and happily allow him to have his time alone.

If he wants to enjoy part of his weekend with with his guy friends, let him. By giving him the space he needs, he won’t feel trapped, which makes the pull back easier.

During this time he can reflect on whatever it is that’s bothering him or blow off steam by hanging out with his guy friends.

He’s likely to feel happier and want to open up to you once he’s had some time away.

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Pull Back The Man After A Break

Solve Your Relationship Problems

Solve Your Relationship Problems

Sometimes A Break Can Be Good

After a short break, you’ll find that getting him to pull back is much easier. This is because you gave him what he asked for.

Instead of feeling like he’s being controlled by you or his independence has been clipped, he’ll feel that you are understanding and willing to compromise. This can lead to building a stronger trust and respect for you, as well.

When he pulls back, use a positive and upbeat tone of voice. Don’t be catty and ask him leading questions like ‘who were you off cheating with?’ Accusing him of things he didn’t do isn’t going to help your relationship progress, so it isn’t worth doing.

Accusations and negativity instantly put him ‘on the defense’ and can lead to a deeper argument essentially over nothing.

Not only does this make for an unpleasant exchange, it could make you seem clingy, jealous, over possessive or needy. None of these traits are desirable ones.

A man respects a woman that’s confident in her own skin and doesn’t go into shambles if they need a bit of time alone.

Men that can enjoy time alone are more likely to extend you the same courtesy in the event that you need some space of your own. There’s nothing worse than having to fight with your partner to have a ‘girls night out’ or go on a weekend shopping trip with female friends or family.

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Pull Aways And Pull Backs Are Natural

Relationships are an ultimate test of two people’s willingness to work together, play together and in some cases compromise. If you and your man are both ready to take on this fun – but sometimes testing – challenge, you’re halfway there.

No one is expecting you to be perfect, you just need to be perfect for each other. Be supportive of each other and respect each other’s needs, even if it means being apart from each other.

You might find that after some time away, he’ll be even more delighted to see you if you welcome him with a smile, a hug and a ‘Hey, good to see you!” When a man feels appreciated and missed, he knows that the woman he’s with is ‘a keeper.’

When he’s thinking like this, there’s a good chance that your relationship could get more serious and even result in marriage. Guys want to be with women that understand them and are supportive of their needs. If you can be the person that does this, you’re definitely marriage material.

So the next time that your man asks for a bit of alone time, don’t freak out. Use this time to do something for yourself and figure that your relationship will come out for the better.

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