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10 Super Sad Quotes For The Broken Hearted

Broken hearts, although not a recognized medical condition, cause a vast amount of emotional pain each day. No matter how hard some of us try, the wounds left by a breakup can linger. Despite needing to move on, there’s a certain joy in reveling in the pain – at least for a short while. We can use the pain to remind ourselves of what it means to hurt, but also to encourage ourselves to love again. Even though we’ve  been hurt, the fact we once loved another deeply means we have the capacity and the desire to do it again. Please feel free to share this post and these images!


Not all romances are going to end like famous fairy tales. It’s a matter of reality that some of the best starts to romance can end badly. Even though this can and does happen, so do happy endings. If we take a balanced look at the subject we’ll realize that anytime one relationship ends, it opens the door to an even better one. Failure in a relationship is not fatal, anymore that temporary success in one is final. Things change and so do people. One thing that never needs to change, though, is striving for the best relationship we can find.


At some point, there is no more energy to expend on a relationship. There are no more tears to cry or words to exhaust in pursuit of what once was. Instead, it’s time to pick up the pieces. Even though you may know that intellectually, your heart may still betray you. At some point the realization of the finality of it all will set in. Only then will your tears dry permanently. Once you realize that the door is open for a much better relationship, you’ll even begin to smile again.


This quote speaks to the nature of what went wrong. If this person you thought you were so in love with was really the one for you, then the relationship would never have ended up like this. Now that things have ended you’re forced to realize that you never really had what you thought you had in the first place. Sure, understanding this hurts, but it also paves the way for a brighter future. If your next relationship really does have that ‘magic‘ then the hurt you’re feeling now will be replaced by outright joy!


Intellectually you may know that things are over and your love is being wasted on the wrong person. But try telling that to your emotional side! The head and the heart are often at odds simply because these components deal differently with the same situation. Your head may know for sure that this person is not the one for you, but your heart may try and convince you otherwise. The key is to get both your heart and your head under control so you can once again make an attempt at love. Giving up is the only option you cannot consider!


Ultimately you will have to be okay with the fact that someone you loved didn’t love you back. You can’t change the facts and you will never win if you keep trying. Acceptance is the final stage of a failed relationship. It never comes easy for anyone. For some, it won’t come at all. Don’t be one of those unfortunate people who blocks themselves from having new experiences because they’d rather stay stuck in the past. Accept the reality of what happened so you can move on – and try again. With enough attempts, you will get it right.


Sometimes there’s simply no choice to walk away from a relationship. Even if you’re not the one to leave first, you may find yourself still needing to make a clean break. Sometimes people stay entangled with each other, even though the main part of their love affair has long since ended. Don’t do it! When it comes to an end, pick up the pieces and walk away. You just might be walking into the best adventure of your life.


Keeping tabs on your ex can be frustrating. This is especially true when you happen to know that they’ve been seeing plenty of other people. It forces you to compare yourself to them and it brings up all kinds of unpleasant feelings. Wallowing in this manner is surely the easiest way to stay stuck in place.  If you keep losing little pieces of yourself every time someone who no longer cares about you finds temporary happiness, you’re missing out on the most important parts of your own life. Be concerned with your happiness first and foremost, and forget all about this person who has caused you such heartache and turmoil. They really are not worth the effort.


If you know things are over but you honestly believe you would give your former lover a second chance, you probably have a hard time respecting yourself. Your head is telling you to move past it but your heart is attempting to keep you locked in the same place you have been. Your head will need to take control. You can’t let out of control emotions dictate your behavior. When you do, you lose all control and you end up with the types of results you don’t want.


Remember that love is a two way street. It’s never going to be enough for one side to do all the longing, waiting, and loving. If the other party is not putting forth the same kind of efforts, it becomes a very one-sided affair. This type of relationship is never sustainable. Why? Simply because you deserve more. The other person also knows they’re not giving it their all, which makes them lose respect for themselves and for you. The whole thing is a poor replica of what a true committed relationship should look like. It’s not always easy to come to terms with the finality of relationships, but in the end, you need to for your own balance and health. Don’t spend your time wishing for something that isn’t worth it. Instead, focus on building a new future with someone who really loves you. That will make all the pain of the past wash away.

I'm Trying To Get Over You, But Please Tell Me Another Way...This One Isn't Working.

I’m Trying To Get Over You, But Please Tell Me Another Way…This One Isn’t Working.

Trying to get over someone, but keeping them in the forefront of your thoughts can’t work. You need to find a way to forget about them. Most people will throw themselves into work, or a hobby, or spend quality time with their friends. If you spend your time dwelling on what might have been, it will effect what could be! It doesn’t matter what tactic you decide on using to forget your former lover, just make sure you enthusiastically embrace something else! Soon enough your life will be restored to equilibrium and you’ll find the person who is really right for you.

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