10 Unique Love Quotes That Describe That Amazing Feeling

Love is a mysterious subject, despite the fact it’s been written about by many for centuries. Sometimes a love quote can capture the essence of a relationship. These unique love 10 quotes have been selected because of their simplicity and beauty. Being in love may take work. It may take true and lasting commitment. One thing is certain, though. Love can elevate you to new levels that you may never have imagined possible. Please share these image quotes and this post with someone you love, or use them for inspiration until you find that special someone!

I Love You Not Because Of Who I Am

Being with someone you love really can make you a better person. It stands to reason that you won’t be the same person you were before you entered into the relationship. Sometimes couples are like poison to each other. Other times you can literally see how the happiness of being together has elevated both parties. It’s always best to strive for a love relationship that makes both partners better. There’s no reason to hookup with someone who brings you down.

Love Is Not About Sex

Sure, sex and fancy dates can be a lot of fun. But for a truly engaging long-term relationship they won’t be enough. A love relationship requires a feeling of being special that can’t be found anywhere else. If your partner makes you feel this way, you have a love affair for the ages. Do all you can to nurture your relationship, and never let go of that person. In life you’ll probably have your fair share of sex and fancy dates, but finding true love might end up being a lot more difficult. When you find it, cherish it and help the bonds grow.

Sitting Next To You Doing Absolutely Nothing…

When we’re spending time with the person we truly love, we don’t have to do anything special. There’s no need to be constantly active or even constantly talking. We can spend quality time saying nothing at all, but soaking in the good times. You know you really love someone when you’re truly content with them, even during times that most people might consider ‘boring.’

You Know You’ve Found True Love When…

Falling in love is one thing, but doing it again and again with the same person is quite another! When we’re in a relationship we often discover new facets to our partner’s personality. When we do, we have a chance to go through the whole process of falling in love with them again. The love gets deeper and the relationship gets better and better. What could beat that?

To The World You May Be But One…

It’s easy to feel forgotten or neglected by the world. You’re on of 7 billion people. You probably don’t get the attention you deserve. That all changes when one other person takes notice of you and falls for you. They’ll make you feel like you are the most important person in the Universe. That special feeling can carry you to greater heights than you may ever have imagined.

Meeting You Was Fate…

This quote describes what happens in a relationship very well. Sometimes meeting someone is merely chance, or fate. We make a decision to get to know them better and to deepen the relationship. That usually starts with friendship. But love can come on uncontrollably! You don’t need to set out to look for love. It often finds us when we least expect it.

You Know You’re In Love When…

When we fall in love we often feel an amazing sense of excitement. If the feeling is strong, we can barely contain ourselves. There’s nothing better than wanting to spend every waking moment with the person we’re in love with. All of our mundane troubles go away and life seems more vibrant than usual. We may even have a hard time sleeping because our dreams are coming true during the day!

Today I Caught Myself Smiling For No Reason…

Being in love can put a smile on your face. You might find yourself smiling for absolutely no reason at all! That’s the reason people never give up on love. Have you ever wondered how some people actually get married ten times or more? It’s because they know how great things can be – even if they haven’t been experiencing it lately! Never give up on finding someone who literally makes you happy. The struggles of finding this person may be intense, but in the long run, it will be worth it.

If You Can’t Get Someone Off Your Mind…

If you find yourself thinking about someone all the time, there’s probably a good reason for it. Chances are you’ve fallen head over heels in love with them and you can’t focus on anything else. This is ‘normal‘ for a love relationship. Of course you’ll still have to manage the rest of your affairs, but it’s okay to spend time thinking about your partner. Hopefully, their mind is filled with the same types of ideas as yours.

Sometimes People Put Up Walls…

You may meet someone who you take an interest in. They might be very hard to get through to. Does that mean you should quit trying and move on? It might. It also might mean you’re going to have work harder to get through those walls to the good stuff that waits inside. The best things in life take a lot of hard work to accomplish. Only you can decide how much effort you’re willing to put into a relationship. It might just be worth it in the end. If the person you’re going after has all the attributes you want in a person, then scale the walls and defeat their resistance. You happiness may depend on it.

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