10 Super Sweet Love Quotes To Make Your Partner Swoon

It’s a mistake to neglect telling the person you love how you feel about them. Love needs to be nourished. Sweet words are one of the easiest and most effective ways to stoke the flames of passion. These 10 super sweet love quotes will be appreciated by anyone! Feel free to share this post of these images with that special someone in your life. They’re bound to appreciate your sentiments.

Never Ask Why I Love You

Never Ask Why I Love You

Love is not about asking questions.  Love is not about doubts.  When you truly love someone, you know it from the bottom of your heart. There’s no need to ask for reassurance of someone’s love. Their actions should speak loudly. Once you accept love, your doubts disappear forever.

Here's My Love - Take It

Here’s My Love – Take It

This quote speaks to the fears that everyone has about having their heart broken. If we can get past that fear, we’re on our way to a healthy, loving, long-term relationship. If we can move past those basic worries, we’re able to establish trust and form the kinds of bonds that last a lifetime. That goal is worth trying for anyone.

I’m Afraid To Lose You

This quote expands on the fears we just mentioned but shows a triumphant conclusion to the whole dilemma. We fear the reaction of the person we love at first. We’re afraid they won’t love us back. We’re worried they won’t like the way we kiss. In the end, though, the only fear we have is of losing them! If you fear that, you can rest assured you really have a sacred prize that’s worth holding on to forever.

I Love You, Not Because Of What You Have

I Love You, Not Because Of What You Have

This straightforward quote speaks directly to the issue of why we’re with someone. It’s not because of what we think they can do for us. Instead, we’re with them because we value their time and love them. So often we neglect to tell the most important people in our lives how we feel. That’s a mistake that is easily rectified.

I Thank You For The Love We Have

I Thank You For The Love We Have

This simple sweet quote tells your love that you will never forget them, no matter what. It also thanks them for the value they add to your life. This sentiment can be stated in many ways, but is always worth saying. It’s easy to feel unappreciated when you’ve been in a relationship for awhile. Saying these sweet words is one way to assure your partner than you understand, appreciate, and love them.

I Would Use My Last Breath

I Would Use My Last Breath


This quote uses a very dramatic statement to illustrate the depth of your commitment. Since breathing is something we all have to do, and loving someone is not, this quote lets your lover know that you’re the most important person in the world to them and that you’d be lost without them.

This quote is also very dramatic. It tells your lover that they’re the center of your personal universe. Instead of acting like the whole world revolves around you, you’re letting them know that your world revolves around them. That’s a powerful sentiment that’s well worth expressing.

Time Spent With You Is A Beautiful Dream

This super sweet love quote is direct and to the point. Being with this person is like a dream come true for you! Who wouldn’t want to hear such words said to them? Life and reality can be a real drag. When we spend time with someone we love, it can take us away from the regular day to day routine and put us in a state of bliss. Don’t forget to tell the one you love that they make you feel like all your dreams have become reality.

I Don’t Have To Try To Be Happy

Trying to be happy and truly being happy are two distinct things. When we spend time with people we love, we can be happy without having to try at all! This quote expresses that feeling in a clear way. Letting someone know that they make you feel truly happy is bound to make them feel the same!

I Saw My Today


A true love relationship is built to last. When you can’t picture a life that doesn’t have your lover in it, you’re head over heels in love! It may seem simple to understand, but love relationships can end up being extremely complex. However, the sentiment expressed by a simple love quote like this cuts through the complexity and speaks straight to their heart. Don’t be afraid to tell your love how much they mean to you! Life is short and there’s no time to miss out on important opportunities to reinforce your love.  Thanks for stopping by and reading! Good luck!


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