10 Seriously Sensitive Relationship Quotes That Apply To All

Relationships have their ups and downs. The downs can be painful whereas the ups tend to be blissful. The deep contrast between these two extremes defines the turmoil that a relationship can cause in our lives. These 10 sensitive relationship quotes take a look at the deeper meaning between the bond between people.

What A Great Relationship Is About

Everyone has differences with another person. It’s an unavoidable fact.  Yet these differences are what make relationships special.  Celebrate the differences while appreciating deeply your partner’s similarities to you. It takes both sides of this equation to make a well-rounded relationship that works.

Love Is Acceptance

Every day will not be a stellar one.  You’re bound to screw up. A partner that appreciates you anyways is a treasure. It’s easy to love someone on the good days. It becomes much harder when things aren’t going the way you hoped. With enough respect the bad times won’t tear you apart. The good times may not last, but bad times or showing your bad side occasionally should not bring down a strong relationship.

Love Needs Trust

Love involves a leap of faith. When you place your trust in others, you’re taking a big chance. Sometimes it will work out. Other times it will be disastrous. If you want to love you have to accept this risk, because there’s no way to avoid it. Have faith in your relationship and things may just work out like you hope.

Be Wary Of Silence

Someone who is completely quiet may not be doing as well as you think. The key is to not pry, but to make yourself available in case they do want to unburden themselves. Bad feelings and an introverted nature can spell something serious being wrong. Open your ears and try your best to communicate that you love them.

Good Relationships Don’t Just Happen

This quote points out something important to consider. Sometimes we see a professional athlete and marvel at how well the play. We don’t see the countless hours of practice that go into making that player exceptional. They just make it look easy. The same goes for great relationships. Great relationships take a lot of work over long periods of time in order to succeed. If you’re prepared to put in the work your relationship has a great chance of going the distance.

Some Relationships Are Like Glass


Reality dictates that not all relationships can work. If you find that the one you’re in takes an extraordinary level of effort and you’re still unhappy, you may need to come to terms with the fact it’s broken. In this case, moving on and letting go are probably the best options you have. Don’t keep messing with a broken relationship anymore than you would with broken glass.  You’ll only end up hurting more.

Choose Your Relationships Wisely

It’s better to be alone than to be in a poor relationship.  First, the fact you’re tied up with someone means you won’t be actively looking for someone else.  Secondly, the fact that you’ve settled for something that you know is substandard means you can’t be happy. End bad relationships and move on to better ones. That’s the only way to make sure you’re making a real attempt at achieving happiness.

You Don’t Need Someone

We’ve all hear the phrase ‘you complete me.’ It sounds great on paper, but is probably not achievable by many. Instead, look for complete acceptance from the person you love. If they’re willing to take you as you are, you have a relationship that can last the ages. Accept them in return and you will never have a problem.

Tell Them You Love Them


This quote may seem simple, but it contains a lot of wisdom. If you love someone, let them know! Forgetting to tell people you love them is one way of under appreciating them. If you do this consistently, it will hurt your overall relationship. Take a minute each to day to tell – and show – the people in your life how much they mean to you.

Fall In Love When You’re Ready

Being lonely can be a lousy experience. Still, rushing into a bad relationship is never the answer. Wait until you find the right person before you fall head over heels in love. Be cautious until the other person makes it clear they’re on the same page. A bit of caution up front can save you massive headaches later on.


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