10 Savvy Love Quotes And Sayings On The Importance Of Relationships

Love is an subject of endless twists and curves. Most people don’t follow a straight path to love. Sometimes Fate needs to intervene in order for someone to find a lover. Still, staying in love is a choice that everyone is free to make.

Love has the power to heal and the power to destroy! Choose and use the power of love wisely. Only you can decide on what type of force you want love to be.

This collection of savvy love quotes and sayings looks at the intricacies of the heart that some people will never understand. Please feel free to share these images and this post!

The Reasons I Love You Are…

Real love requires enthusiasm and gratitude. Gratitude is the emotion that won’t allow us to forget what someone means to us. If we demonstrate our deep gratitude to them, our relationship can never fail! It really is that simple. Only when we neglect others will real trouble start. Love should always be cherished and given its fair share of encouragement.

The Moment You Fall In Love Is Priceless

When you finally fall in love with someone, you’ll know the exact moment it happened! There’s no use trying to describe the feeling to someone who hasn’t been there before. When it happens – you’ll know! Love keeps us going when times are tough and promises a better future and a better world. Choose to love and put hate to the wayside.

True Love Described

True love can even be a physical phenomena. Some people have attraction and chemistry that’s so strong, it can best be described as ‘electric.’ You might not always feel intense emotions every day, but there will be times in the course of a relationship where your love will seem like a real, physical entity! Love is powerful! Don’t be afraid to surrender yourself to true love. When you find it, you’ll never look at life in the same way again.

Real Love Will Find You!

Don’t spend your time desperately looking for love. Instead, be open to it. Love has a way of finding the people who are ready for it. True love can happen anytime and anywhere. You won’t have to hunt down the person you love. Instead you’ll just ‘sort of’ run into them somewhere! Don’t believe it? Well you better change that mindset right now! True love can happen to you, as long as you don’t cut yourself off from the possibility. It might be fun to be cynical at times, but being positive is the surefire way to make sure you actually get what you want.

Love Never Hurts!

Love is never supposed to hurt. If you find yourself in a relationship that is always filled with pain, it’s possible things are not meant to be. Love is about two people supporting each other. Dreams must be cherished and respect must be given. Love is not about constant fighting. Sure, every relationship can hit a rough patch, but the only way love will ever continue to grow is if its nourished by both parties. If you neglect your lover, they eventually will become dissatisfied and will look for someone else. You can’t blame them! Everyone only has one life and each of us have to find our happiness. If we aren’t happy with the person we’re with, our whole life will be impacted negatively.

Fall In Love Because You’re Ready…

The worse thing you can do is to look for love and fall in love with someone just because you’re feeling lonely. Nobody needs to settle for less than the best because they’re worried that they’ll end up alone. It won’t happen! There are billions of people in this world. Chances are great that you’ll find someone to spend your life with. Obsessing and worrying about whether that day will come can’t possibly pay off. You’re better of spending that time becoming a better you. When you are the very best you can be, you’ll attract remarkable people into your life. Your journey may currently have you alone, but that doesn’t mean you’ll stay lonely forever!

Being Alone Does Not Mean You’re Lonely… The Power Of Touch…

Sometimes you need to be alone, for you! Being in a bad relationship has taught many people that imperfect love can really be devastating. You don’t have to be lonely just because you’re alone. There is a certain peace that can be achieved in solitude. Embrace the silence and find your inner self. Find peace and you’ll be ready to accept the true gift of love that waits for you.
Don’t take your lover for granted. Don’t forget how far a small gesture can go. All of us will sometimes feel that we’re being taken for granted. With all the pressures of modern life, it would be impossible not to have certain feelings of inadequacy. One smile, or a gentle touch can tell us how much we’re loved. When our lovers take the time to let us know how much we mean to them, our life suddenly has more significance and is richer.

You Don’t Get To Be My Priority…


Love is a two way street. If someone is treating you like you’re only an ‘option’ to them, you can’t afford to allow them priority status in your life. If your relationship is imbalanced like that, a bad ending is sure to result. You must give love and respect and demand the same in return. Don’t be too willing to give away your personal power because of worries that things will end. If they end, it’s because the love wasn’t strong enough in the first place. Don’t settle for second best because you deserve so much more. If you’re willing to make someone else a main priority in your life, then they should do the same for you.

If They’re Right For You…

When you meet the right person, things are going to go right. They’ll stay by your side through thick and thin. You’ll do the same for them. Together the two of you will be stronger than either of you could ever have imagined when you were alone. Love combines the powers of two people and makes them into one cohesive unit. Your love and their love will unite to form an unbeatable and unbreakable bond.

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