10 Right On Relationship Quotes By Trollface

You’ve probably seen Trollface around when you surf the web.  He’s pretty famous, after all.  He’s well known for provoking debates, and poking fun at others.  You may not know that he’s also a foremost relationship expert – who’s well-known for his witty insights into the area of love and relationships.  I’ve pulled together 10 of his greatest quotes about the most important of human emotions and bonds.

I’d Give My Heart To You

With this quote Trollface appears to be joking, but he actually hits on a great point that comes up in all relationships.  Trollface is masking his fear of loss by putting on a brave face.  Trollface has been hurt before – by many women, and is guarded when it comes to new relationships.  He fears that if he gives all of his love to someone, he’ll be left with none and they’ll have it all. That’s a very real concern for anyone in a new relationship, but we all have to find a way to move past this point to deeper trust and understanding.

Honesty Is The Key!

Once again Trollface uses a comedic attempt to underscore a deeper meaning.  The key to any relationship is honest.  Trollface knows that – but he’s been pushed around, mistreated, and abused in the past. He knows that the only real danger to any relationship is insincerity.  If his partner is faking, then he’s vulnerable because he put himself out there and lost.  As the old saying goes ‘It’s better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all.’  Trollface can’t avoid the normal hurts that come from loving some one deeply, even if he wears a mask to conceal his feelings.

Sometimes I Miss My Ex

Once again Trollface tries to mask the pain that is his love life with a snappy one-liner. He was hurt deeply by his ex, and he finds it necessary to use humor to mask the pain and to keep himself going. That’s okay. Broken hearts don’t heal quickly – but comedy is one way to speed up the process.

Never Go To Bed Mad

It’s with a great sense of irony that Trollface makes this statement.  Of course if you stay up all night fighting, you won’t have much energy for having a productive day afterwards.  Spending your energy arguing with your significant other makes no sense.  If you don’t learn to curtail this type of behavior, you can expect bad results in your relationships.  That might be okay for Trollface, but for the rest of us it’s a bad idea!


Find One Special Person

You can never be too sure when Trollface is joking – but it pays to look for the deeper meaning in his messages.  Trollface is completely right when he was you need to find that one special person in life.  He’s right when he uses the word ‘forever.’  But he’s way off base when says you should annoy them! You should never troll the person you love.  Instead, you need to cherish your time with them and let them know how much you appreciate them on a daily basis.

Wait For The Right Person To Come Along

Trollface makes a lot of sense with this one.  You can’t spend your whole life striking every contender off the list.  You will need to have fun with people in your life, whether you’re sure they’re absolutely ‘right‘ or not.  Being a perfectionist does not work well in relationships.  The danger is that you’ve built up a romanticized version of your ideal lover that no reality can match. Lighten up, and have some fun in the meantime!

Marry Somebody Ugly

Trollface is just carrying on here! This logic could land you in a lot of trouble. You wouldn’t marry a crackhead just because you wouldn’t be sad they left, now would you?  Sometimes Trollface is just being a troll!

Act Like Love Is A Game

Trollface makes a very cogent point.  So many times we hear about people who refer to themselves as ‘players.’  They feel that ‘all’s fair in love and war’ and they seem to distance themselves from the feelings of the people they’re involved with.  They don’t realize what’s in store for them.  Since they don’t take love or relationships seriously, they should not expect that the people they’re with will either. That’s a natural trade-off for anybody who careless disregards the feelings of others.

Relationships Are Like Algebra

Trollface uses humor to get over his bad breakups.  Trollface carries a lot of resentment about his former lovers – which he’s willing to unleash at anytime.  But he has a point about this one.  When relationships go bad we might be tempted to spend a lot of time wondering what went wrong.  We may even pine away for the good old days, which puts a damper on the present. Perhaps we’re better off taking a Trollface-approach and making light of the situation.  Many of us who have broken up eventually wonder ‘why’ we were ever with that person in the first place.

I’m Feeling All Tingly

Love is a strong emotion and a powerful feeling that is hard to interpret.  Some people have such powerful physical connections that there is a certain amount of electricity that both parties can feel.  If you’ve been drinking a lot of energy drinks that day it would be easy to confused the caffeine overdose with love.  It’s still a good idea to follow your heart!

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