If you’ve been a visitor here before, you know that Ancient Alien Guy is much more than just an expert on Ancient Alien Astronaut Theory. He’s also a world class pickup artist, known for his remarkable delivery of out of this world pickup lines. If you want to learn from a true master, you can do no better than watching this guy. Today we’ve selected 10 of his ultimate pickup lines to give you a perfect idea of what it takes to successfully ‘cold approach‘ women you’ve never met before. Keep in mind, your success will depend on a combination of your swagger, delivery, and her willingness to talk to ‘strange guys.’

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Hi, I’m Big Brother…And I’ve Been Watching You!

Ancient Alien Guy is not afraid to approach anyone! How could he be, considering his constant run-ins with Ancient Alien Astronauts? He’s gotten over that tingling nervous feeling that some guys get when the try and use a pickup line. He just musses up his hair – and goes to work. Remember, if you’re going to try over the top pickup lines like this – you have to be relaxed!

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight…Or Should I Walk By Again!

Many people really do believe in love at first sight. It’s an interesting subject to use as a topic opener, and might just get her to look at you in a positive light. Keep in mind, when you use a line that invokes an emotion that is probably not true, you’re going to need to give yourself some ‘wiggle room.’ That’s why pickup lines tend to be comical in nature, so there’s always the ‘I was just joking’ exit route if the need arises. Sometimes your line might fall flat, but done in the right spirit at the right time it might also work. The result ultimately lies in the presentation.

I Want To Melt In Youth…Not In Your Hands!

Ancient Alien Guys get a bit raunchy here, but keeps it somewhat safe by using ‘innuendo.’ If the girl is offended, he might be able to say, ‘Oh you have a dirty mind’ or something along those lines. He doesn’t have much wiggle room with a strong line like this one. Ancient Alien Guy doesn’t care. If one girl doesn’t like it, he’ll keep moving until he finds one that does.

Your Face…Or Mine!

Here he goes for it again! This is a ‘hit or miss’ type pickup line. It’s either going to make her laugh, or she might end up being highly offended. He won’t know until he gives it a try. If you’re going to attempt a line like this, don’t forget to ‘duck’ if she starts throwing things! If she doesn’t, you just might end up sweeping her off her feet!

There Must Be Something Wrong With My Eyes…I Can’t Take Them Off You!

With this pickup line, Ancient Alien Guy softens up a bit. This type of line could be used by almost anyone, any time. It’s just a cute way of saying, ‘Hey, I noticed you. You’re attractive. Let’s talk.’ Gentle pickup lines are a good starting point for someone who has never tried one before. This particular line should at least get the conversation started, as long as you deliver it convincingly.

I Miss My Teddy Bear…Would You Sleep With Me?

This line is a bit more complex than the last one. It combines a bit of gentleness with a very raunchy punch line! Ancient Alien Guy isn’t above coming right out and asking a girl to sleep with him! You may want to reserve this line for very rare occasions. It will all depend on where you’re at and who’s there with you. Once you have tons of experience – like he does – you’ll instinctively know whether a line like this stands a chance of winning.


Y’Know – Your Hair And My Pillow Cover Are Color Coordinated!

Innuendo again rules here. This is just a nice, simple way of saying, ‘Hey, let’s do it!‘ When you’ve worked up to the point where you can deliver lines like this one effortlessly, you’ve graduated to a whole new level of approach. Most guys wouldn’t dream of saying something like this. They would be too nervous. That alone is one reason a line like this has a chance for success. Chances are very good that no one has tried it yet! If the girl thinks the line is unique and the guy is appealing, who knows what might happen next?

Let’s Do Breakfast Tomorrow Morning…Should I Call Your Or Nudge You?

This advanced level line takes a swing for the fences. There are only so many reactions a girl can have to a strong line like this. She may slap the Ancient Alien Guy so hard he wonders what year it is. She may laugh and begin a conversation with him. Lastly, she might just decide ‘What the heck, it is getting late and I do need some loving.’ He has no way of knowing, but the point is, he doesn’t care! He’s ready for any of those situations and he’ll make the most of it either way. That’s the way a true pickup artist has to think. Expect the best, prepare for the worst, and most likely the results will end up somewhere in the middle.

Uh Oh I Lost My Number…Can I Have Yours?

Getting the digits is an important part of getting the girl. There won’t be any follow up if you don’t know how to get in touch with her. The most direct way to get a phone number is to ask. Ancient Alien Guy uses a clever line to ask for the number, and that’s why he has a success rate of 99.987188% when it comes to getting girls. Sometimes he’s so successful with the ladies, you wonder where he’s really from.

I Like Every Muscle In Your Body…Especially Mine!


When your hair is perfect and you’re feeling fine, feel free to try this pickup line. Innuendo is merely a ‘suggestion.’ It plants an idea in the mind of the person he’s speaking with. What happens to that thought seed is uncertain, but he can’t get anywhere without trying. Pickup artists always use innuendo as part of their arsenal. Part of being a smooth operator with women is making sure to use light banter as much as possible. Innuendo is a more serious form of banter, which opens the gateway to seduction!

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