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10 Quotes About Feeling Lonely

It’s No Fun Feeling Lonely. These 10 Quotes Capture That Feeling. Check Them Out.

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Breaking Up Is Hard

10 Quotes About Breakups, Love, And Regret

Going Through A Breakup Is Hard! These 10 Quotes Capture The Essence of Love Lost.

It Hurts
He's Into Her

Why Is He Into Her?

Have You Ever Seen A Couple Together And Wondered Why He’s Into Her? Find Out!

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He Needs Space Now

You Should Give Him Space

He Wants His Space. Give It To Him. Find Out Why Giving Him Space Might Help Turns Things Around.

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Commitment Lessons From Amanda Clarke

Amanda Always Gets Her Way, But You Can’t Act Like Her And Get Your Man To Commit. Find Out Why.

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Learn Dating From Don Draper

What Can Don Draper Teach A Lonely Man About Dating?

Don Draper Never Had A Problem Getting Women. What Lessons Can He Teach To A Lonely Man? Find Out.

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Learn Why Men Pull Away

Why Do Men Pull Away?

Men pulling away when commitment looms is incredibly common. Learn why he does what he does.

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Those Who Anger You Control You

When we get mad at others we give away power. Placing another person in charge of our emotions is dangerous. It’s important to remember we’re the only ones who will be held responsible for our actions. It’s okay to get mad, but don’t let that...

Do Good And Care Not To Whom

Today’s quote is an Italian Proverb which reminds us, simply, to “do good and care not to whom.” It’s not enough to do good because we think others are watching or because we feel we’ll get something out of it. We have to do good because...

Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail

Today’s quote is an insightful one from Allen Lakein. If you come up with a new idea but don’t make a detailed plan to go along with it, you’re setting yourself up for failure. The best move you can make is to have a strategic plan that you execute....

Work Your Plan And Plan Your Work

This quote by Napoleon Hill is awesome, because it’s so simple and clear. In order to get ahead, make a plan and then stick with it! Sure, it sounds easy. But if it was truly easy, most people would be enjoying enormous success. Don’t forget to create a...

10 Feeling Lonely Quotes

The 10 feeling lonely quotes capture just how painful loneliness can be. It can be tough being alone. Other people tend to bring excitement and joy into our lives. When someone we love leaves us, it’s not always easy to move on. It’s okay to take a...

Online Dating Profile Tips For Women

So the time has come. You’ve had enough of being a single woman and you’ve decided that it’s time to join an online dating site. That is great news, but now you’re confronted with the job of creating your online dating profile. If you’re...
How Can I Earn Bitcoins Easily?

How Can I Earn Bitcoins Easily?

Emerging technology is always exciting because of the impact it can make in people’s life. Bitcoin is a prime example of this type of technology because it gives people more options to complete transactions both online and offline. This is one of the reasons...
Tips To Rev Up Your Relationship

Tips To Rev Up Your Relationship

If you’re suffering from a case of the ‘blahs’ in your relationship, don’t let this temporary setback be the start of a permanent rift, especially if you’re dedicated to your mate. All relationships, particularly long-term relationships,...
Ten Timeless Quotes From Anonymous Authors

Ten Timeless Quotes From Anonymous Authors

Some of the best quotes come from uncredited sources. Please enjoy these timeless quotes from anonymous authors. In the event that your dream turned to dust, then it’s time to vacuum. Once the dust has cleared, you’re left with a clean slate and you can...

Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popper Review

Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popper Review Our Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popper review checks out this affordable popcorn popper to see if it does the job. Popping popcorn should be enjoyable and easy. Traditionally poppers have been messy affairs. That’s why...
Dorm Room Essentials For Cool Kids

Dorm Room Essentials For Cool Kids

It’s that time again, where young people head off to dorm rooms on campuses everywhere. The cool kids know that they need some serious gear to make their dorm room a ‘home away from home.’ This list of essential items can help anyone create the...